SSH error : connection refused?


New Member
Dec 4, 2009
So for some reason, my SSH no longer works, it HAS worked before but now it just doesn't

the error is "network error : connection refused"

things i remember doing that might cause this:
-i made a password for my iPhone (use to have none)
-installed some new games (like yesterday, which i think might be the cause though not very reasonable)

no new iTunes or new winscp was installed, nor i have changed the settings
tried restarting iPhone and computer
tried resetting the network settings on iPhone (not the reset all though, scared of what it might do)
tried using ccleaner to clean registry and broken files
tried restarting router

i think microsoft updated my computer a few times, idk if that affected me

I'm using iPhone 3g, i SSH with an app named "SSH-no wifi 9.0.exe"

it used to work, now just doesn't, i need help