Standby Battery Drain

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New Member
Nov 2, 2016
I've had my 7 plus for a couple weeks and I'm noticing a consistent 2% - 3% battery drain every hour while on standby. I've tried turning off background app refresh, location services, putting it in airplane mode etc. with the same results. Usage under battery settings looks normal so if there is some process running it's not being logged. I did a DFU restore and set up as new phone yesterday and it's still the same. From 12:00 last night to 7:00 this morning I lost 16%. I'm getting about 5 hours usage. For comparison, my 6 plus would get me about 9 hours usage per charge. Any suggestions? Does this sound like a problem or does the 7 legitimately run more background processes to where this would be normal?


Jun 30, 2007
I had the same issue and found it was from the Facebook App... My solution was this. I deleted the FB App logged out of FB under Settings/Facebook. Rebooted my phone. Then I downloaded the App again, set my password back. All was well with the world.