Still Rockin My 6s


Jan 4, 2010
Dallas, TX
There was a time where I felt compelled to upgrade my iPhone often. If not every year, at least every other. I started with the 3G, then the 4, 4s, skipped the 5, got the 5s, skipped the 6, got the 6s. And here I am, still. I was tempted to go to the Plus size when introduced with the 7 but didn't want to commit to the larger form factor. The incremental upgrades to the camera are cool, but for my needs insignificant. I got a free battery replacement a year ago so I got that going for me.

With the 4 through the 5s I was into the jailbreak thing, and was careful about updating to the latest version of iOS. My 6s, for better or worse, has never been jailbroken. With it, I have had a tendency to NOT update the new iOS when prompted by the phone or iTunes. Just last week I finally updated to 12.2. In the past, with iPhone and Mac, I've experienced degraded performance when updating the OS. I was still on iOS 11.4 on my 6s and was hesitant to update to 12.2. I was pleasantly surprised that my 6s runs a bit more fluidly after the update, as opposed to a touch more sluggish, as I was fearful of.

It's good to be alive and have options. I'd love to have an 8+ but it's not ideal for my EDC. My 6s is still rockin the sweet spot.


Jun 21, 2010
I started with the 3Gs, then 4s, 5 and jumped to the 7plus...which I’m still using. One day when the battery life gets to the point of sucking totally, I’ll figure out which device to go with.