Stolen iPhone, what to do?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Lazarus, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. Lazarus

    Lazarus Member

    Hey I got mugged for my iPhone last night and on my Birthday of all days, was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to track it down to get it back somehow? maybe through iTunes I'm thinkin maybe if they ever hook it up to iTunes they can trace it?
  2. hexonxonx

    hexonxonx New Member

    Dateline NBC did a show last week called to Catch an iPod thief. Well it pretty much boiled down to Apple not doing anything to track down stolen iPods because it would be too overwhelming with all the ipods (now iPhones too).

    They do know who registers the iPods iPhones and computers but they really won't do anything if they are stolen.

    How did it get stolen exactly? You say robbed?
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  4. hitnrun

    hitnrun Member

    Uh...have you made a police report yet?
  5. dagoo98

    dagoo98 Member

    That sucks, I would make a police report and then call AT&T and see if there is anything they can do on their side when you call to disconnect your service.
  6. gcvt

    gcvt Zealot

    Any chance your stolen phone was covered under renters or homeowners insurance? ...or by the credit card company if you purchased that way?

    Sorry to hear of your misfortune. :(
  7. r00t4rd3d

    r00t4rd3d New Member

    Most homeowner insurance companies will allow you to add the iphone to your coverage that adds accidental damage and theft replacement policies.

    Buy a new or remove " & now the iPhone" from your sig.
  8. MacManiac102

    MacManiac102 New Member

    Yes it is possible for AT&T to do something... no they probably won't.

    Think about it... if this device were like the President's or something, all they would have to do is look and see if the person made a call. Of course, after the call ws made it would just be all to easy to track it down.

    I am sorry to say that the chances of you getting your phone back are pretty slim but still have hope.
  9. cdjoa

    cdjoa New Member

    I'm in the same situation - had my iphone literally ripped out my pocket after being kicked in the face a couple of times. It was like Christmas for the little pikeys when they realised they'd got themselves a new toy.

    Absolutely raging that they'll never be caught - no CCTV in the area and the police took 17 HOURS to finally visit me at home, after apologising that they were 'too busy' when i called from McDonalds in the early hours. That would have been the only chance of getting them - responding with speed.

    Answer i feel is the same - it is possible, but for the time and effort, they wouldn't. The little B*****ds are probably playing around on the internet feature of the phone as we speak - so that will have a traceable signal. Why don't they allow the phone's Map position locator to be accessed on the internet via a password?

    First rule of 'saturday night out in Leicester' club; don't walk home.

    Take it easy.

  10. queenmarylady

    queenmarylady New Member

    Hi, I'm still new here so forgive me please if what I am doing is wrong, but there is a website that may help you or others in the future. (Providing if you lose your iphone or iPod touch, the person is a good samaritan and tries to get it back to you. Doubtful you may say, but it's still worth a shot)

    Sign up is free and you enter your email, which will be unseen by the finder. They will use your code number and be given a masked link to contact you by. Here again, use caution when meeting this person to get the device back as well. You never know who you are dealing with. Make sure you are not alone.
  11. joefish

    joefish New Member

    Location tracking and wiping for iPhones

    I got onto the Beta Program at iRedHanded, it's software creates constant backups over the wireless connection (and over GPRS/3G if you choose), when you have your phone stolen it tracks your iPhone's location when lost, creates constant backups, lets you remote-wipe the iPhone, and then pester/notify the thief via messages (how to send it back before being busted!), as well as snoop on their activities (see what numbers they called, what wifi connections they connect to, what SMS messages they write and receive).

    With this info I got my phone back from the back of a cab, and I have a friend who is getting the cops to bust the person who took his iPhone... pretty cool really!
  12. ColsTiger

    ColsTiger Zealot

    File a police report. That's about all you can do. Don't expect apple to get into the recovery business.
  13. connie

    connie Zealot

    I am so sorry, one day there will be justice for you. One way or another they will get theres I hope.
    Kharma and all that.
  14. I'm so sorry. Mine was stolen by my sons" friends". No way to track it down and the little B***###@* popped the sim out and never made a call.
    It's a helpless feeling. My advice to you is that if you want to buy the 3g at the discounted price don't change your current iPhone plan. I've been fighting with ATT for the last 3 weeks and was told that I was eligible. I waited in line for 2 hours today and left with no phone. It appears I'm still ineligible. I will have an answer in 72 hours though :mad:. Could have all been avoided if I didnt change my plan to begin with! AARGH.
    Best of luck to you and at least you were not horribly injured or killed. I agree with iphoneconnie, Karma will catch up to them. Too bad we wont be there to witness it though!
  15. styfle

    styfle Zealot

    omfg, that sucks
  16. projectdarkside

    projectdarkside New Member

    ^^ That is scary man, what if they had pulled out a gun or something on him for his iPhone :sick:
  17. Jjames

    Jjames New Member

    I also lost my iPhone but not stolen a couple weeks ago. The guy did make some phone call to someone he/she knows and to a person in my fav list. We called that number and staged that the person who called them got my Iphone and I want my phone back with some cash reward to whoever turn the phone over to me. Guess what, nothing happen so after a day or two I cancel that SIM in my Iphone and get a new SIMS but same number and same plan in order to be able to buy new 3G. But my wife said I lost my iPhone or
    purpose just becuz I want a new one :p.
  18. jptolife

    jptolife Member

    I got pulled a gun by three guys for my first iPhone about 6 weeks ago. I never got it back. I feel you man, it sucks when you get used to your iPhone and then some jackass just takes it away from you, just like that.
  19. projectdarkside

    projectdarkside New Member

    When you guys were beat up or held up with a gun where you?
    -Like an alley or bad neighborhood?
  20. goobs22xx

    goobs22xx Member

    Probably somewhere you shouldn't be walking at a time when you shouldn't be walking.

    Call a cab, or something. This world is way too unpredictable and unfair.
  21. It's-Me

    It's-Me New Member

    Got my stolen right of out of my hands too as I was talking on it. Couldn't do anything because he was much older than me... isn't that fvcking great. On top of that, insurance will cover it, but I have to pay a 500$ deductible and it's 655$ for a new iPhone because I already have a contract.

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