stopped working

Jul 21, 2008
i don't know what happened but all my apps stopped working for some reason. they open up but close right away taking me to my home screen. apps like AIM, facebook, or any installed app. ='[ anyone know whats wrong with it?
Jul 19, 2008
London or Miami
Yes, this is a common problem with all the new apps. What you are experiencing is a crash. When any app starts, then takes u back to the home screen it just crashed.

To fix this, you may need to restore you iPhone. Follow these steps.
Connect the iPhone to your computer and open iTunes.
Let the phone backup itself onto your computer wait until it says sync complete OK to disconnect. (this is the most important step in getting back all your texts, contacts, media emails on the phone after the restore, if you skip this step ull be sorry)
Look for the restore button and click.
You'll be prompted with a warning, just proceed as you've backedup the phones data.
It'll download the file from iTunes, and your phone will do the rest.
Now once the restore happens you cant inturrupt it. The phone will go into emergency mode don't worry. iTunes will then restore and update and then put all your stuff back on the phone.

After the restore, go to your applications list on the left and authorize them. Be advised that the AIM app is VERY buggy read the reviews. Please note, the entire process takes around 6-7min depending on your download speed.

After the restore make sure u back up the phone, Congrats you have just done your first restore.

Hope this helps.
*disclaimer* im not responsible for any damages incurred, use my post as a guide, you may need to search around for more information on how to restore the phone. You restore at your own risk
Jul 21, 2008
welll it still didn't help =/ all my apps still crash wtf is never did this before


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Aug 7, 2007
Do not worry if restore or whatever you tried did not work. Apps will come back after a couple of hours later. It happen to me all the time. The next update will basically fix all this - i hope.