Storing Excel, Word and PDF files on iPhone

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Judex, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. Judex

    Judex New Member

    I was so use to my previous mobile IMATE JAMA. Drag and Drop my Excel, pdf files etc. so easily.

    I bought an IPHone 3G 16GB, thinking that it would be even easier to store those files on my Iphone, but could not and very disappointed ! No one at ORANGE could help !

    Can Somebody help me please ! I want to store my Excel, Word, pdf files !

  2. patrickj

    patrickj Genius

    There are a number of apps that will let you wirelessly sync, store, and view your docs (of the types you've named and more) though not usually *edit* them - you can look but you can't touch :)

    Look at apps like File Magnet, DropCopy, Evernote just as a few examples ...
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  4. Judex

    Judex New Member

    Thank you.

    I will try and hope to be successful !

    It is a pity that IPhone does not allow Drag and Drop and Edit files.

    Just feel I made a bad investment in an IPhone 3G 16GB !

  5. patrickj

    patrickj Genius

    Should've mentioned - with Evernote, you need to look at their 'Premium' (paid for) service to get full file sync I think.

    3G is a great device, despite some shortcomings - hopefully you'll grow to like /love it after some more time with it ...
  6. Judex

    Judex New Member

    Thank you.

    I like the Iphone 3G as it is a very nice mobile.

    Since I cannot easily store my Excel, pdf files as easily as I could do it with my previous IMate JAMA, I just feel bad ! My IPhone is more for show off than for work.

    Mauritius Telecom / ORANGE introduced the IPhone in Mauritius, but they are not knowledgeable enough to help the Customers. This drives me mad !

    I cannot imagine why IPhone is not equipped with the Drag and Drop facilities as most People use Excel, Word, pdf files in their business. Even the Accounting package is compatible with Excel (as an example). Why Iphone is so backward ? It is supposed to be an advanced phone.

    Instead of having the straight forward facility of Drag and Drop our work files, we have to go and hunt paid Applications. Worst of all, it is difficult to hunt an Application when you do not know the title and where to find it ! There is no step by step instructions how to do it ! Unless I am very stupid and cannot find it !

    Thanks again for your help.
  7. jdinner

    jdinner New Member

    I use "Files lite" it has instant WiFi transfer. Drag and drop into the folder on my desktop and bam, there it is on my phone. This version does not support editing but at least I can review my docs where ever I am. Oh, and it free. It supports up to 200MB.
  8. Judex

    Judex New Member


    Thank you very much for your help.

    Not being able to edit an Excel file on the IPhone is not a good thing. This means that I will still have to carry my 3 kg Laptop 17" screen around. So, I would not really need a IPhone !

    This is the idea of my investing in a IPhone 3G 16GB, it is to enable me to carry my excel files and edit them.

    IPhone being an advanced mobile phone has serious short comings !

    Thank you for your post and trying to help me.

    Best regards, Mate.


    I just tried to get "Files Lite" from Apple but could not because of the following reason :

    Mauritius Telecom/ORANGE introduced IPhone to Mauritius, but they have not taken care to get Mauritius Island to be listed in the list of Countries.

    Someone at Mauritius Telecom suggested that I pretend to be living in the USA, but will not my Credit Card shows that I am not, consequently I will appear as a Liar !

    If you have dowloaded File Lite and saved it, please mail it to me at

    Thank you very much.

    Kind regards,
  9. itsabouttime

    itsabouttime Member

    Seems like I heard Documents to Go is coming to the iPhone, won't this let us do editing?
  10. sheelz

    sheelz Member

    Files on iPhone

    I bought and installed FlashDrive (from Apps Store) to my iPhone last night. It enabled me to transfer a number of MS Word documents with no problems after a completely effort-free setup procedure. I was able to drag and drop without a care :laugh2: I would certainly recommend it. It deals with .pdf and other formats as well.
  11. SMBS

    SMBS New Member

    Is it because that the MS for Microsoft ( Windows ) and our Iphones are Apple Mac os ??
  12. Judex

    Judex New Member

    Always wonderful to see People who want to help. Thank you very much.

    Yes Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS are different. I agree. Since most People use Excel, Word, and Adobe pdf files, Apple should have given the facility Drag and Drop of those files to IPhone. This should not be difficult, and should have been an inherent facility of the IPhone.

    Though I am ready to buy third Party Applications, I still have a problem ! Mauritius Telecom / ORANGE introduced the Iphone to Mauritius, but did not make sure to have Mauritius listed in the list of Countries at the Apple Store. So, in any way, I cannot create an account at the Apple Store, and I am stuck !!!!

    The third Party Applications always drive me to the Apple Store. They do not sell the Applications by themselves. As I cannot create an account at Apple Store, I am stuck.

    If Somebody knows of a site where I can buy the third party applications direct, please let me know.

    Well, Guys, thank you very much for trying to help me. I wish I could offer all of you a beer party.

    Thank you.
  13. Judex

    Judex New Member

    Does it allow you to edit your Excel files on IPhone ? If not, you will still need to carry your laptop around in case you need edit your files.

    In another post, I also explain that I cannot create an account at Apple Store because Mauritius is not yet listed in the Countries list.

    Thank you, Mate.
  14. Judex

    Judex New Member

    Further to my cry for help, today I discussed with the responsible Persons at the Mauritius Telecom /ORANGE.

    They introduced the IPhone to Mauritius and probably sold many, but Mauritius Telecom/ORANGE has not yet finalized agreements between themselves and the Apple Store !!!!!! So, the Buyers of the IPhones cannot buy nothing from Apple Store. Worst of all, the Buyers of the IPhone have to pay a monthly charge of over Rs. 1,250.00 and keep waiting !

    I have no possibility to contact the Apple Store to complain. Can somebody send my complaint to Apple Store, please.

    I have the feeling that I made a very bad investment in buying an IPhone. My previous Imate JAMA was much better as I could Drag and Drop my Excel, Word, pdf files easily. I did not have to buy Applications to get this Drag and Drop facility !

    Can Apple Store add Mauritius in their List of Countries and accept my payments by Credit Card ? This should be easy !

    Thank you.

    Kind regards,
  15. Ainkor

    Ainkor Member

    Having been a long time windows mobile phone user, I feel your pain about some of the functionality of the iPhone.

    Doesn't mean its a bad phone, just different. There are some programs out there that allow some BASIC spreadsheet editing and some BASIC file storage capabilities but the reality is that the iPhone is not nearly as Microsoft friendly as windows mobile.

    Some work around: (I know you don't have access to the App store, but still listing them)

    Storing Files on your iPhone from inside windows:

    I certainly will not vouch for this program, but it does allow even a non jailbroken iPhone to have files put on it. I have only tested it out and my anti-virus does not freak out on it but who knows.

    Excel viewing:

    Discover (Free ad supported, off the app store)

    MobileFiles free

    Both of these apps allow you to transfer files via wifi to the iphone and then you can view them on the phone.

    Excel editing

    MobileFiles Pro - Paid app from the app store. Unfortunately it does a pretty crummy job of editing but you can edit them.

    Word Editing:

    None that I have seen.

    Word Viewing:

    Both of the above files alow for that.

    PDF Viewing


    The fact of the matter is that no matter what, you will not get anywhere close to the ability to edit excel files on the iPhone as on a microsoft device. Even when other newer programs come out they will be much different than the dsktop computer system paradym that Windows Mobile has.

    As far as the app store, I would suggest saying you are from a different place if you really want access. Most likely you arent going to get busted and besides, the Apple Police wont come after you anyways.
  16. WPeterson

    WPeterson New Member

    one thing called "memory stick" can help ya perfectly.
    but one problem, iphone can't read your excel, word or pdf files....
    so i just recomm Google Docs and to make use of online strage with 3g network, i guess...
  17. Judex

    Judex New Member

    Thank you my friend.

    Eventually, I will buy another mobile with the Microsoft facilities.

  18. Judex

    Judex New Member

    Thank you very much my friend.

  19. TarekElsakka

    TarekElsakka Genius

    Keep in mind that every possible good feature will probably be in the iPhone but you'd have to download a 3rd party application for it. The stock iPhone sucks :p.
  20. Bosco115

    Bosco115 New Member

    Maybe you should have looked at the feature set of the iPhone and what was available before you bought it with the sole purpose of editing MS Office documents. Don't you think this was quite a shortcoming on your part?

    Do your research before you buy. Sheesh.
  21. Judex

    Judex New Member

    Hi Bosco115,

    Thanks for your post.

    Before I bought the IPhone on the Day of presentation in Mauritius, 19-12-2008, I asked one of the Guys. He confirmed that I could store my Excel files etc. on the IPhone. This means he was not aware and just said yes !!!!! Stupid !

    Next week, I shall have appointment with a high Official of the Mauritius Telecom/ORANGE to sort this "Misrepresentation" by one of their Guys.

    Cheers !

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