Stuck in iOS welcome screen

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Aug 11, 2007
This has been a nightmare update. Anyway, I finally got iOS5 to install, but when it was restoring, the restore did not complete properly. When I connect, it tells me the prior restore did not complete and to OK to complete it. So I did. Then I was able to sync over my music, apps, contacts, etc. However, when I turn the iPhone on, the welcome screen saying iPhone in grey is there. I unlock it and it is at the Location Services screen. I Enable that and click Next. I choose my Wifi network and choose Next. Then it says Set up iPhone. I click on Restore from iTunes Backup and Next. It then tells me to Connect to iTunes with the traditional new iPhone screen with the cord and arrow to iTunes. Well, I am already connected to iTunes. So I disconnect and reconnect but that screen is still there. my iPhone shows up in iTunes. I can see my music, etc on the iPhone device and everything looks great, BUT I CAN"T GET MY iPhone OUT OF THIS MODE TO USE.

Any suggestions. Thanks.


Jul 14, 2010
Las Vegas
How long does the screen w/the arrow/USB to connect to iTunes show? Before you disconnect and reconnect

Typically I notice that screen connect to iTunes sticks on the phone and doesn't really do anything for a while, I know I'm connected so I usually just wait and let the rest continue w/out unplugging or disconnecting anything. Just what I normally do not sure if it will make a difference in your scenario.
Aug 11, 2007
At least 5 minutes and it looked like nothing was happening, no disk activity on the computer, etc. Unfortunately, I lost all my text messages, emails, phone call log, etc with this process. I may try to do a restore from my backup that I did before the iOS5 upgrade since this created a new backup during this process.