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Android Killer
Jun 13, 2007
I have an iPhone 6 and this is the first iPhone I've noticed this on. It might be iOS 8 since I didn't install that on my previous one.

The best way I can replicate the problem is by locking my phone while in text with the keyboard sideways. When you go to unlock, I have to flip the phone the other direction then to the upright direction to get the keyboard back to portrait. I never use the landscape keyboard and this happens every now and then when I unlock my phone, somehow. Kind of annoying so I wanted to see if others have this same thing occurring.

Thanks everyone. I've been here off and on since the first iPhone, so Ive been lurking since the recent keynote. Very happy with my purchase. I debated which, 6 or 6 plus, for weeks it seemed.

Napoleon PhoneApart

Senior Moderator
Jun 19, 2007
Upper Marlboro, MD
When I use Safari, I often can't get it into landscape mode without first turning it to portrait mode and then turning back to landscape. Sounds like a similar bug. It's irritating. Apple should start going with two-year hardware and software release cycles.


New Member
Jan 2, 2014
I had the same issue with my 6 plus took it to the Apple Store and they wiped it clean and reinstalled software. It's been fine since.

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