Subaru Legacy iPhone 6+ holder complete!


Feb 16, 2009
Bellevue, WA
I had a Lego iPhone holder for my old iPhone 5. But now with the upgrade to a 6+ one of my first weekend priorities was to build a new holder for my Subaru Legacy. It's so much easier to navigate and listen to music when the phone in front and center in the console area. My next step is to get some pick a brick from Lego and make it all black pieces, then superglue it together (insert Lego movie jokes here!). Here is what I came up with after a couple hours of design and testing:

The phone is locked in place by the bricks on each side, but they don't cover up the screen. They keep the phone from swaying side to side or falling forward. The L bricks on the bottom support the phone but don't get in way of the cords. The phone can be lifted out with both the car charger cable and headphone cable still attached (good for when you need to answer a call in case of an emergency). Plus the home button isn't covered up, so thumbprint activation is easy.

Has anyone else come up with some custom accessories for their new phone? Share 'em here!