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Discussion in 'iPhone 6' started by iamtko, Apr 15, 2015.

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    So yesterday I dropped my naked iPhone 6 onto tile from 4 feet and the screen cracked. It was just one long crack that ran vertically down the left side of the glass but the digitizer still worked. I was curious about how much it would cost to get this fixed so I looked online at apple's website and saw that it could be $79 if I had Apple care (which I don't) or $107 without it. I decided to just got ahead and make a Genius Bar appointment to get this taken care of. So today I went in fully expecting to be told that it'd be $107 but I was pleasantly surprised when the lady told me it would be free. FREE! She explained to me that since it is just one long continuos crack that this would be covered by Apple and that they would replace my screen at no cost to me. Everyone I talked to really couldn't give me a straight answer as to why it was a freeby but I also didn't want to stick around long enough for them to change their mind. It took about an hour for them to get it fixed but I'd have waited all day for free.

    Anyway I just wanted to let you all know that you might be covered for a free screen replacement if you have a single continuous crack.

    Ok now I'll go back into the shadows...
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    Apple has customer service perfected. They should teach seminars to other corporations and spread it around. I've had a few dealings with them and they have all been wonderful
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    I could be wrong but since your phone is less than a year old it should still be covered by Apple Care free for 1 year from the date of purchase. Apple Care+ (2 years) is the coverage you have to pay extra for. Breakage of the glass is covered under both versions. And yes, Apple definitely has customer service elevated to a science. I have not had occasion to use the Genius Bar but the phone support and mail in warranty service are second to none that I have ever experienced. An excellent product backed by well above average customer service is worth paying a little more for, I consider it cheap insurance. I had to send back my 4S because of a wi-fi issue that they were unable to resolve over the phone. I was sent another 4S (refurbished?) with very well detailed instructions about how to backup my current phone and restore the backup to the replacement along with instructions about how to wipe all user data off of the phone I was sending back. Most other companies would have issued a return materials authorization for you to send your phone in and they would send a replacement upon receipt of the damaged unit and no more. Apple Care is what its name implies, they do care about their customers. Hint: Otterbox Defender, it's ugly, it's bulky and it just plain works. OK, commercials over.
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    I just had a good experience at the Genius Bar myself. Camera started acting up on my 6+ which caused me to miss some really great pictures. The camera started not focusing and taking blurry pictures. I set up an appointment and in about an hour they replaced the camera. They said they were aware of the issue. Something to do with the OIS in the 6+
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    Flipping brilliant.
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    Free most likely because there was no evidence of damage, and it probably looked more or less like a stress crack instead.

    EDIT: Aka, you were lucky. Congrats!
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    AC+ is worth every penny. With the iPhone 6 I have already needed it twice. Actually three times if you count 8.3 frying my phone. The IP6 is really not a sturdy phone and I'm hoping they do something to remedy this.
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    What's not sturdy about the iP 6? I've seen very few complaints in the forums about the iP 6. How did 8.3 fry your phone? Explain!

    Sent from my ancient but trustworthy iPhone 5. ☮
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    If you or Apple couldn't restore it through DFU mode, it you wouldn't have to use your Apple Care+. That's a manufacturer's defect and it's covered under the standard Apple Care warranty free of charge with no deductible.

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