suggestion for 'DOCK' application

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New Member
Sep 7, 2007
I really do love this program but just a couple things bother me about it.
First of all, i think the app should be disabled when another program is loaded, it should only be able to be used when its on the summerboard/springboard. For example, when Im looking at pictures, to delete it, the button is in the bottom right but most of the button is blocked by the sun glare and if you click it wrong it will just load an application, this goes for other programs too where a button is being blocked by it.

I also think you should beable to turn off the sun graphic if you like, while still being able to use the application. We know its there, we know how to use it. It looks good to some, tacky to others. A number of people who saw it on my phone actually thought it was a defect in the screen until I explained it to them.

So yeah..I love this app, would just like to see a couple optional preferences =]


New Member
Aug 1, 2007
The only thing I like on this app (now that Springboard took over) is its screenshot feature. It would be nice if someone can come up with just a screenshot app. Dock was great (version 1).


Jul 10, 2007
I use a combo of rSBT, summerboard and dock. In rSBT, I've got all icons hidden except the 7 on the minidock - I've got 7 icons down there - Calendar, phone, email, safari, ipod, camera and world clock. In summerboard, I have the minidock enabled, and background image. Those on the minidock are what I use often. Got the dock app to access all the other stuff.
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