Suggestions for headphones


Sep 16, 2007
The only ones I've ever used were the ones that came with the iPhone and Vibe V-Moda Duos; which BTW sound fabulous!


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Jul 1, 2007
Im looking for a good pair of headphones that, I can use for my iPhone as far as working out and, phone use with mic. What do you all suggest?
I have used the V-Modas with the built-in mic and button (beware some that have the mic, do NOT have the button) and of course, the stock headphones.

Conclusions. V-modas sound excellent for the price. Night and day different over the stock sound performance. More efficient than stock meaning you get more volume with less power and can go louder. They keep out a lot more noise, this could almost be discerning for some. However, the mic performance is almost poor. I do get a number of callers asking to repeat what I said. Not a deal killer, but kind of annoying.

Stock headphones. Only sound ok. However in-call performance is excellent. Can hear calls excellent and the mic works well, even if I am in a pretty loud vehicle. Callers almost never ask me to repeat anything.

Conclusion. I always have a pair of stock headphones on me. Due to riding in loud diesel vehicles often, it makes carrying on a conversation effortless. When using the headphones, it is easy to simultaneously look up or jot down notes or contacts. Forget bluetooth. The headphones are very reliable and require no extra juice. I really only use my vmodas for plane trips or long car rides. I don't want to worry about losing them, and I like being able to hear the outside sounds better with the stock headphones when I am driving.