Summerboard Uninstall

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New Member
Dec 11, 2007
Hey first i want to say im happy that i found this forum becouse im kind of new to the 1.1.1 iPhone world.

I have a problem whit Summerboard Version 3.0b1-1, when i try to uninstall it a msg comes up and say "Main Script execution failed!" I been looking everywhare for a sulution for my problem. This is what i came up whit, but im scared that u should do something wrong whit my new phone.
Open the plist in texteditor and delete these lines to get back to the original state:


Then Delete: Marked in RED Files


Then Restart Phone and its done
anyone know if this workes on 1.1.1? or should i do it another way


Sep 7, 2007
McPherson, KS
Honestly, I'd do a restore. SummerBoard copies quite a few files to different places on your phone and modifies the home screen. If you don't want it, the easiest way to make sure it's gone and no lingering parts remain is to just do a quick restore.