suppressing 2G hacktivation / push stuff

Jul 25, 2009
hi there!

I've been reading up here a lot and I have the same problem a lot of people have.
I have an iPhone 2G 3.0 and JB/unlock/hacktivated it with redsn0w 0.8
Now that push doesn't work with hacktivated phones, I restored it with iTunes, activated it with a legit prepaid SIM (t-mobile austria) and unlocked/JBed with redsn0w.

problem is, when I look through the jailbreak log file, it still hacktivates the phone and subsequently push doesn't work.

two questions: if I restore and activate with the legit sim, is the unlock retained? do I even need to unlock again (I need to unlock because I use a different sim day to day, the legit prepaid I only bought for activation)?

If not, I could restore, activate with legit sim, and just JB (if I only chose to JB with redsn0w, it shouldn't hacktivate, right?).

or can I "deactivate" my phone, insert legit sim, activate with it, remove the legit sim and put in my usual sim again?

or can I somehow make redsn0w NOT hacktivate?

AFAIK redsn0w is the only JB/unlock tool for 2G 3.0 phones, right?

thanks so much!

PS: I googled and forum-searched the whole weekend to no avail, so thanks a lot :)


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Jul 9, 2009
Your phone will need to be hactivated if you are going to use a non-AT&T sim card in it or one which is not a iPhone 2G sim. This is because the phone is activated with the original sim card, and it will only work with that sim card once activated to it. This is what you need to hactivate the phone. There is something you can try try restoring the phone 3 times then pop i na valid att sim card that has a iPhone 2G account. once done activating jailbreak with the sim card still in the phone and unchecking the activate button and then after you are all done insert your sim card and see if it works if not then you are good now go into cydia and download bootloader to unlock you phone.
Jul 25, 2009
nono, thats not what I meant. I know what hacktivation is and what it is good for.
But Austrian t-Mobile iPhones can be activated with pre-paid sims,a nd this is waht I did.

I flashed 3.0, put in pre-paid sim, activated the phone, removed the sim, redsn0wed it (JB, unlock, cydia) and the original activation isn't respected by redsn0w, but it rather hacktivates it altough it was already activated. This is bad because you need the correct activation for push.

what I tried so far:
delete everything under

then I uinstalled Beejive (my only push app so far). Next I inserted the prepaid card for activation again, installed beejive. Beejive said I need to connect to iTunes for push to work, so thats what I did. But iTunes just synced my iPhone like always and didn't do the activation again.

So the question remains: how to undo the hacktivation so I can properly activate the phone with the t-mobile sim.

If this doesn't work I will completely restore the phone, activate with the prepaid, run nimble to extract the keys, run redsnow to JB, hacktivate and unlock and inject the extracted keys again. Should work but seems to be a hassle if all I need is an unlock with JB but without hacktivation.
Jul 25, 2009
oh maybe I misunderstood you.

so if I restore the iPhone multple times, it "loses" the activation?
so what you say is if i don't want redsn0w to hacktivate, I just activate with a valid sim, use redsn0w to JB, download bootneuter to unlock, so no hacktivation, just unlock and JB happened? interesting, thanks :)