Switching from Samsung Galaxy S5 to iPhone?


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Oct 13, 2015
Hi Guys and Gals -

I am debating on switching over from my Galaxy S5 to the 6s. I have had an android device for years, every since I switched from a Blackberry. I guess I am looking into the pros and cons of making the switch.

I guess the thing I do enjoy is the customization I have with my S5. I can make the phone look the way I want. The downside however, the phone tends to lag more often than it should. Is it a deal breaker? No, but a phone with the specs it has shouldn't lag as much as it does.

I have heard the IOS system runs a lot more fluid than android. True fact?

I basically use my phone for work emails, surfing the web, fantasy sports, etc. I rarely talk on the darn thing, it's more or less for me to goof around on. So in all honestly, should I even bother to make the switch if I have a current phone that does this just fine?

If anyone has used both or an android device and switched to the 6s, please give me some feedback

I greatly appreciate it.
Jul 16, 2009
I would say it is up to you go to a apple store and play around and check them out for yourself. I have had iphones from the original first one all the way up to the 6 plus I have now, I also had the galaxy s5 (that is what I edged up from) and honestly I did not like it. I always hear about customization on android but it comes at a dear price of usability, launchers really lag down the phone, I did root it and have custom roms installed as well but still laggy or more or less unstable with crashing and the likes. when it becomes available you can always jailbreak the iPhone and customizing is very plentiful if that is what you would be interested in, but for the emails, and web surfing, and fantasy sports things like that iPhone is probably going to be smoother and as everyone usually says the apps are a tad more polished. But at the end of the day to each there own some like one and not the other and vice versa its up to you to decide.


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Nov 1, 2015
It's honestly a great switch... I've been an android user for years.. And the iOS has impressed me. Happy iPhone 6s Plus user