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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by bls8195, Jul 18, 2009.

  1. bls8195

    bls8195 Member

    Is it possible to sync 2 iphones to 1 computer without getting each others stuff, unless you want it? If so how do I go about doing it.
  2. dturner

    dturner Zealot

    Create 2 user accounts on your computer, then you will each have your own iTunes.
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  4. bls8195

    bls8195 Member

    Is that the only way I can go about doing it?
  5. dturner

    dturner Zealot

    As far as I know to get all the sync capabilities. You can use one account and make separate playlist for music, but will run into problems with contacts,email,ect. One is going to delete the other when you guys switch.
    Maybe someone knows something I don't and will chime in.
  6. bls8195

    bls8195 Member

    So if I create 2 seperate accounts on the computer it will def prevent that from happening?
  7. dturner

    dturner Zealot

    Yes it will because you will each have "separate" iTunes. The computer will recognize who is who when iTunes is booted up. I know creating accounts can be a pain on windows, but it is the only why I know to do it and keep everything separate.
  8. bls8195

    bls8195 Member

    Well hopefully someone else will chime in, but I do appreciate it, and I might just have to go that route, thanks for the info.
  9. Kuntry

    Kuntry Member

    What I would suggest if you dont want to have two accounts on your computer, disable automatic syncing in iTunes (devices tab in preferences) then sync your contacts and calendars on phone A with one of the sync options (i.e. google, yahoo, outlook) then on phone B, do the same but sync with a different sync option. This way your contacts and calendars will stay individual to each phone and you still only have one user account. (The best way for this to work is sharing the same iTunes account for both iPhones)

    My personal set-up: I sync my phone OTA with MobileMe for mail, calendars, contacts, bookmarks, and findmyiphone. Then on my wife's iPhone I sync only her contacts with GoogleSync OTA (push) and i set up my MobileMe account on her phone as well so that we share the same calendar (either of us make a change or add a new appointment, it automatically syncs with the other iPhone) and I can also locate her phone with FindMyiPhone. This way, I dont have to sync any contacts or calendars with iTunes and they are always online. I only use iTunes for syncing Music, Movies, Photos, Apps and like dturner said you can create separate music playlists for syncing music to the individual phone. We share the same iTunes account too so all of our purchased apps are in the same iTunes list and we can select or deselect whichever apps we want to sync. GoogleSync is a free service with any Gmail account.
  10. redneck47441

    redneck47441 Member

    I did this for my sister in law created a new account and everything I had logged into itunes using her name and password and now she has my contacts any ideas of what I did wrong?
  11. SquiddOhio

    SquiddOhio New Member

    I use a program called iLibs. You can get it at (not ".com"). It allows you to set up separate libraries for all your iPods and iPhones, and I suspect it will solve you problem.
  12. flightmedic

    flightmedic Member

    My wife and sync both of our iPhones (16GB 3G and a 32G 3GS) to my iTunes. We share apps and both connect to the exchange server so we can share contacts and calendars. It works well for us. We also share playlists. I have about 15 playlists with 10 movies. When she connects hers, we sync 2 playlists and 3-4 movies. Works well and so far no errors or lost data.

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