Sync will change 25%of contacts

Nov 15, 2010
When I went to sync my phone tonight I got a message in iTunes saying : sync will change more then 25% of your contacts on this computer. And at the bottom of the message box it says: add 0, delete 0, modify 40. It makes me very nervous even though it just says "on this computer". I haven't really changed any contacts lately so I don't know why I'm getting this. I tried backing up my contacts to windows vista but when I go to look at them it only shows their name and FB picture. Maybe because windows doesn't list cell phones in it's contact program. So can any one help me with those two issues please?


New Member
Jul 25, 2007
I get the same message, whenever it pops up I just click the little [x] at the top and everything syncs fine, no contacts are modified or anything.