Syncing iPhone 3G with Outlook

Jun 22, 2008
Help needed. I currently have a yahoo email account and I have it synced with my iPhone. When I receive an email yahoo pushes (sometimes) the email to my phone. I can view the email either on my phone or by visiting yahoo's website. The email will stay on both the website and my phone until I delete the email on one or the other. I would like to sync yahoo mail with outlook, so I no longer need to access to read and send emails. I have all my contacts in outlook and I already have another email account linked to outlook, but not to my phone. I read I will need to either pay to upgrade to a yahoo plus account or download ypops to be able to get my mail this way. My question is if I do this, what will happen with mail for my iPhone. Will everytime I open outlook, outlook will pull the mail from the server and not allow it to be sent to my phone? By adding my yahoo account to outlook, will I no longer be receiving emails on my iPhone? I hope this email makes sense as to what I am trying to accomplish.

Thanks in advance.


Dec 11, 2008
Dallas, TX
I believe pop access to yahoo will keep messages on their server as well...regardless if you're downloading them to Outlook or your phone.

(I didn't know they started charging for Pop access...glad I use gmail as my main)

Found this on Yahoo Help:
Your other email program will give you the option of either deleting your Yahoo! messages from the Yahoo! server after downloading them, or leaving them on the Yahoo! server so you can see them online in your Yahoo! account, too.