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Discussion in 'iTunes' started by redneck47441, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. redneck47441

    redneck47441 Member

    My old computer crashed and all my music was lost I was wandering if it's possible to take some songs from my moms iTunes and put them on my phone? Also if this is possible is it also possible once there on the phone to sync them to my iTunes account thanks in advance?
  2. ashwini

    ashwini Member

    You can sync your iPhone from 1 computer only. But you can sync as many as 5 iPhones to a single computer. And, you cant transfer music from an iPhone to your PC/Mac. It only works one-way.
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  4. BDB

    BDB New Member

    I need help with clearing up the duplicate songs. I download from iTunes, so there's no typing errors of titles or artists - I'm so non-tech. Please make this as understanble as's driving me crazy?
  5. iNinja

    iNinja Zealot

    This isnt strictly true. Use a program called Ifunbox (or others). It lets you drag media from your iPhone to any pc you like.
  6. ashwini

    ashwini Member

    True! that you can do!
  7. redneck47441

    redneck47441 Member

    So I just download it onto my computer and then it will tell me to plug In my device and then I just upload them to that site and then drag them over to iTunes correct.
  8. juice95

    juice95 New Member

    Do you need that on both machinges or just the one you are moving the files to?

    This may be a totally different forum topic, but I am new to iPhones/iTunes. This is a related issue so please be kind...

    I have music and vids on my Home PC, My Laptop and my Work PC
    I have done the whole "set your iTunes to Manually manage"
    but it still says that it must erase all the lists, etc. to "sync" with the other PC

    is the NO way to load a single playlist with songs/vids from multiple PC?
    ALL are authorized

    I am bald from puling my hair out on this
  9. iNinja

    iNinja Zealot

    Yes, just download a program such as Ifunbox and then when you plug in you iPhone / Touch / iPod it will display it in a device list. Click on your device and then you have options for music / video / pics etc and you can highlight them all and then just click the copy to pc option. Really easy

    Yes, you should be able to do that, I think aswel as clicking manually manage music you need to click on the "only sync checked music" option.

    If this doesnt work, it may be a bug (known or otherwise). In the meantime could you not merge your libraries?

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