Syncing Two iPhones with one iTunes

Discussion in 'iTunes' started by GolfNut, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. GolfNut

    GolfNut New Member

    Can you sync two different phones with the same iTunes installation without overwriting each others contacts and other information? Will iTunes recognize them as different phones and create separate backups/syncs?


    P.S. Happy New Year all. I will enjoy this year better with my
  2. Ramesh

    Ramesh Zealot

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  4. karllf

    karllf Member

    i have 4 iphones and 1 itunes on a vista laptop and it works just great but you need to setup each phone in itunes like favorites and pictures folders and so on itunes will remember each phone
  5. GolfNut

    GolfNut New Member

    Thanks rx..., but I don't think this is will do it for me. I should have mentioned I'm using a Win XP box. I figured iTunes would work the same regardless of whether you're using a Mac or Win PC. Looking at the thread you referenced it seems iTunes doesn't necessarily recognize two separate phones, rather multiple options you select and deselect depending on which phone you're syncing at the time. Is that correct?

    What I was hoping to find was to set iTunes up for multiple profiles.
  6. GolfNut

    GolfNut New Member


    Are you saying if I plug in the second iPhone that iTunes will automatically recognize it as a different phone and allow separate options without overwriting the first phone's options and data?

  7. Ramesh

    Ramesh Zealot

    I don't think so. You'll have to set up a new group of each - and then you sync each group to each phone. Make sense?

    Phone A syncs w/contacts group A
    Phone B syncs w/contacts group B

    and so on...
  8. GolfNut

    GolfNut New Member

    I think I have it figured out now, with your help. Now I just need to find that threat about multiple playlists/swaptunes.

  9. irving.sandoval

    irving.sandoval New Member

    2 iphones 1 itunes

    without making another session on my mac, with 2 iphones, 1 session on mac, 1 itunes, 1 library, 1 itunes account and so on, how can i sync the apps, i can turn it manually the music, photos and all that, but i have 2 questions.
    1)with 1 itunes acct, the apps that i buy will it work on both iphones?
    2)in case number 1 doesnt work, how can i have both acct in itunes, so when i sync my iphone the apps of my wife wont sync with mine and viceversa.
    thank you
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  10. Ramesh

    Ramesh Zealot

    You should be fine. Just make sure you're logged into itunes under the account you want to use. Then manually manage the applications per phone. This is how I handle my wife's and my phone. Also works great using mobile me this way.
  11. sstalk

    sstalk Member

    My issue is completely different musical tastes on two ipods (one touch one phone) from one iTunes account. I tried to set up something that I found and I hosed my settings of the synced music for the touch. We're talking about 3000 songs that I really don't want to go back through one album at a time again. I haven't synced the touch since we got the phone. Any advice on how I can fix this. Ps. I'm using itunes on Windows Xp.
  12. Swagger

    Swagger New Member

    Why not just use separate playlists to manage what you want on the Touch and what you want on the regular iPod??? Setup one set of playlists for iPod A when attached and a second set for iPod B when attached.
  13. shutter13

    shutter13 Zealot

    That is exactly how I handle syncing 3 different ipods/iphone on one iTunes account. Works pretty well.
  14. The Apple

    The Apple Zealot

    I hope I am not misunderstanding, but it sounds to me like you need to set up two seperate playlists. One playlist for the touch, one for the phone. Create the playlists and name them whatever you would like to name them. Then drag and drop the music you want to be on each device into the playlist. Then whenever you sync the ipod, you sync the playlist for the ipod. Then the same for the phone. I hope this helps.

    Edit: I see other people answered this question. I thought is was unanswered.
  15. burgerboy117

    burgerboy117 New Member

    hey, if you have a jailbroken 1st gen. iphone and buy a 4g iphone, will you be able to keep your 1st gen. and still download free apps then transfer them over to the 4g?, but afterwards delete them off the 1st gen. as not to cram it with data and apps?
  16. Guy1

    Guy1 New Member

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