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Discussion in 'Windows PC and iPhone' started by Jakeyw, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. Jakeyw

    Jakeyw New Member

    I am interested in buying either an iPhone or an iPod Touch, but first want to make sure it will be able to perform the functions I need. I am using Windows XP pro sp2, with Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager (which I know many people do not have or use). Does anyone know if there will be a problem syncing my business contacts to an iPhone or iPod Touch as a result?
  2. KNK

    KNK New Member

    I have the outlook 2007 Professional and it works really well with my iPhone.
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  4. Jakeyw

    Jakeyw New Member

    Does that include Business Contact Manager?
  5. KNK

    KNK New Member

    Yes this has everything, with the business contacts, access, excel, groove, infopath, one note, outlook, powerpoint, publish and word.
  6. Jakeyw

    Jakeyw New Member

    Great! Thanks alot!

    Next Q: There is a $40 price difference between the "new" iPod Touch and the old ones in stock at Tekserve. I understand that there is a $20 update that is needed for the old ones, but is there any other difference between the two?
  7. KNK

    KNK New Member

    The diff is the new ones today have that update shipping with the new ones. So the old ones have to pay the $20 which I think sucks.:mad:
  8. Jakeyw

    Jakeyw New Member

    It does - its one of several reasons that I will not be switching to a Mac. They seem to have to upgrade their OS every 15 minutes.

    But back to the Touch - there is no hardware difference between old & new? Better screen? better touch recognition or anything?
  9. stobstar

    stobstar New Member

    synching Business Contact Manager with iphone

    hi....i just got my iphone last week and still have not figured out how to synch it with Business Contact Manager to where I can look at Accounts and Business Contacts info.

    Could you please explain how to do this?

    thanks so much,
  10. saradove

    saradove New Member

    Hi, I'm thinking about getting an IPhone and also use the Business Contact Manager part of Outlook 2007. Did you ever get yours to sync right?

    Does anybody know how to do this? Thanks in advance.
  11. hotelspy

    hotelspy New Member

    Syncing iphone 3G with 2007 Outlook w/ Business Contact Manager

    I own a 3G iphone and currently you are able to sync the iphone with Outlook as long as you aren't using Business Contact Manager. The setup to sync your contacts in iTunes does not support Outlook w/ Business Contact Manager. I had to downgrade to just using Outlook without the Business Contact Manager add in for it to work. =(

    This would be a great app for someone to build for those of us that use the Business Contact Manager add in with Outlook.
  12. arneo

    arneo New Member

    Syncing with Outlook BCM (Business Contact Manager) simply won't work with iTunes.
    This is because the information is stored in a central database and
    does not act like a regular contact / projects folder that is sync-able.

    A work around is to copy the "Accounts" and "Business Contacts" to your local Outlook (or Exchange) in separate folders and sync those folders.

    While adding information to the contacts syncing them back to your BCM, will be a problem.
    And I don't have found a solution for that.

  13. kadeschs

    kadeschs New Member

    Not surprising...a lot of things aren't supported. LOL

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