Syncing with Outlook Contacts


Jul 30, 2009
I've recently taken on some clerical duties for much church and am very comfortable with making additional Contacts folders (a separate one for church people, for example). That way, when I mail merge, I can only bring up the church contacts folder. However, when I sync with iPhone, I only have two choices: I can either sync All Contacts (which meshes together my two contacts folders, creating two contacts on the iPhone for everyone who is in both my Contacts folders), or I can sync just the church Contact folder. It will not let me sync JUST the general contacts from Outlook. Any ideas for a work-around? I don't need a mile-long list of contacts to scroll through on the iPhone, most of which I would not need when using the iPhone. (Yes, the iPhone does subdivide the two folders into "groups"--the General Contacts and the Church can be shown as two separate "groups"--trouble is, in the General Contact "group," it includes ALL the contacts (from both folders).

If anyone has a clue and just needs me to explain better, please respond, and I'll try.:)
Jul 22, 2009
No idea about this one. If you really face this problem and if can not have any solution regarding this than you should not use the iPhone for this purpose. Noting else you can do.