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New Member
Jul 22, 2007
Hey guys I have an issue and need some help. I changes my sms-received.caf file to an audio file I made but I also changed the .aiff file I side the folder so that when I'm in the program I can here the same audio file but after uploading it I still don't hear the file.

Basically if I'm not in SMS I hear my file and when I'm in the SMS I hear that little crappy file bleep sounding thing. Can anyone please see if there is a way to change it so you hear the audio file both inside and outside of the program.


New Member
Sep 9, 2007
there are two sms received sounds. one which is inside the window (when you're actively messaging back and forth, the sounds that happens when you received a message). then there's the sms received sound that happens when you are not actively texting (outside the program), pick the sounds of your choice accordingly. hope this helps.