T mobile data plans and speed

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New Member
Sep 8, 2007
I've got the total internet package and was wondering what kind of speed you everyone is getting via edge...

If I use the old apn.
wap.voicestream.com i get avg speeds of 180 to 200kbps

when I use the internet2.voicestream.com (which technical support told me to use with the total internet plan) I only get speeds of around 130kbps

Why would I pay for total access when I can just get the tzone plan and use wap.voicestream.com? It doesn't make any sense.


New Member
Sep 14, 2007
Long Island, NY
How did you get wap.voicestream.net to work? I cancelled my T-Zones, because internet wasn't working with my $5.99 plan, and switched to the $19.99 internet2.voicestream.net plan today. Internet now works, but if I could get it to work without paying an extra $19.99 per month, that would be really nice. Did you have AT&T then switch to T-Mobile?

Also, where can I test my speed to report? Should I use a regular speed test site in Safari?


New Member
Sep 11, 2007
if you get the 19.99 plan, you can use either the wap or the internet2 apn - all the 19.99 plan does is open up the ports so that you can use tmo's network without the use of a proxy

for different regions, different apn's work faster - for me, the wap.voicestream.com apn is faster than the internet2 apn (so i use the wap apn with my total internet plan)

right now - there IS some sort of work around for the 5.99 plan although i don't have too many details - all it does is allow you to use proxy settings with the iPhone

heres the thread over at hackint0sh that discusses it:


i haven't tried this so ymmv - i upgraded to the 19.99 plan because i could make use of the hotspots (i figure, you cant beat unlimited data + free wifi hotspots at that price)
Apr 27, 2009
Guys Guys! Edge does not have the speed so one apn is little better than other.
I have a Tmobile Sim in a Unlocked iPhone.
I use:
Username: dummy
password: dummy
I can surf the web using Safari on my iPhone.
Then I took out the Sim and put into an AT&T express internet card Globe Trotter express. I called AT&T and unlocked the Express card.
used the above info and I can surf from my macbook pro.
$1 a day only for the days I use it.