Taking iPod Headphones to the limit

Sep 29, 2007
Today I was at a lakehouse and during the ride I had my iPhone and my iPhone headphones with me and was listening to them. When we finally arrived I put my headphones in my sidepocket so we wouldn't lose them.

Anyways I was there all weekend and we went in the water, and on the boat and tube and I was in water for maybe 2 hours maybe this weekend.

Little did I know my headphones were still in my pocket. So I go through all of this 2-3 hours of water exposure to the headphones, and then I slept on the floor after on my side so I dunno maybe my headphones were under my body weight all night.

Soo I go home and I go to my girlfriends house and we go in the hot tub and the pool for another hour. When I am about to leave I reach into my pocket and realize I still havn't taken my headphones out and I was mad. I had already broken a set of headphones by leaving them in my pockets when I put it through the laundry.

So I put them in and they won't play. I then put the headphones to my mouth and suck our the water as hard as I can and I get some but not too much. I do this for every single hole including the microphone and the wire which you plug into your phone. I then did this for about 2-3 mins and placed back into my pocket not wanting to get my iPhone wet yet.

About 5 mins ago I finally picked up my headphones which I had placed under a hot lamp very close trying to dry them out and now the sound quallity is amazing. It is better than ever before which I have noticed with Apple Ipod headsets.

Are these headsets suppose to be water proof? It was in the water for hours and hours and it seems to have cleansed my headphones and I have never heard such a crystal clear sound. Now I do not recommend sticking electronics in the water but for some reason 2-3 hours of water exposure worked for me? Any idea why?


Nov 10, 2007
New Jersey
crazy stuff. I am surprised they work. Maybe when I buy new ones I'll stick them in water and see if I get the same results. Hard to believe guess I'll take your word for it


Jun 4, 2007
Atlanta, Georgia
That seems very fortunate that the headphones are still working. I'm pretty sure that Apple doesn't say they're water resistant, let alone waterproof. I've never been able to use the Apple supplies headphones (because I find them terribly uncomfortable) but if they're this resilient it might be good to have a spare pair just in case.
I have used them at the airport I work at off-duty and have used them in 10 degree weather with rain/snow/sleet and just about anything else you can throw at them. They have done great for me!

I feel like I have not abused them at all reading your story!


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Jul 3, 2007
Salinas, Ca
im trying to understand.. you went in the water then you slept in the same shorts then you wore them the next day to the hot tub? the same shorts or did did you transfer the headphones to other shorts..?
Feb 19, 2008
hmm why don't you change your clothes? if i swam in a lake for a couple hours my pants would smell like wet dog and i would not go to sleep with them on, and then i would definitively not go see my gf with some rank ass pants lol, no offense of course


Oct 31, 2007
Sounds like this guy's made of thicker stuff than the rest of you, huh.


Aren't you glad you didn't have your iPhone in your pocket... :) And yes by all means... CHANGE Your clothes! LOL

Thats just freakin gross man!


Jul 11, 2007
So Cal
Well, I know Apple doesn't say they are waterproof but when I did my laundry this week I had accidentally left my earphones (the originals that came with iPhone with the clicker & mic) in the pocket of my sweatshirt I used for working out. When I took all the clothes out of the dryer I heard something clanking around and looked in and there were my earphones. My heart sank. I took them over to my iPhone and plugged them in expecting to hear nothing. They worked perfectly fine. They paused the music, they forwarded the music, and the mic works. I think the drying might of helped?
I don't use these all the time because they hurt my ears but I do use them when I am expecting a call while I am listening to music. I was really amazed though, I was ready to go out and buy new ones.
Sep 29, 2007
Hah its one night. I had a pair of shorts and a T-Shirt. I took a shower if it makes u feel better which would add more water to the headphones also. I live at the beach and the lakehouse was suppose to be a quick day trip as its pretty close tot my house but turned into an over night stay.
Feb 19, 2008
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