Target to Carry New Apple Products?


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Jul 23, 2007

Target gears up for new iPod launches

An internal note distributed to employees of the large retailer's electronics department is advising them to be ready for an unknown, but very significant, product announcement on Wednesday for which Target will be one of the first resellers.

In a copy provided to AppleInsider, the memo is vague and notes that one or more "high retail" (high profile) and "high theft" products will ship directly to Target outlets almost immediately after their formal introduction on September 5th. The products would arrive between Thursday and Saturday, but would be of sufficiently high priority that it might reach shops outside of normal hours at the shipping docks, Target said.

While there is no name attached to the manufacturer of the products involved in the launch, it wouldn't take much speculation to link Target's preparations with Apple's special event on Wednesday, which is expected to introduce several next-generation iPods.