Target's 1000th Post Reveal


Oct 16, 2008
The Great State of WV.
When I joined the forum ranks in late 2008 I was setting my sites on being a Zea lot. I though, wow, this group knows everything (pardon the pun) about iOS. I was new to iPhone and wanted to learn more. I found my way here from and still believe the Treo 650 to be the best smartphone ever.

So here with my 1000th post I share a little more about me with my everythingiCafe buddies. My name is John. I'm married with one teenaged child. Each of the family has an iPhone 5 and iPads (2s & mini). My wife and I have been a couple for 20+ years. Not to darken the post with sadness, but my wife was recently diagnosed with a very rare, terminal illness. However, being Christians, we see our lives as being blessed and tend to focus on the positives. While I realize that every couple deals with this at some point, we didn't expect it in our mid-40's. It's a challenge we'll work through.

My pseudo name, Target, comes from the old days when I played first person shooter video games. I wasn't very good, hence the name Target. But I did then and still do have a fascination with WW2. I used to play the Allied vs German Axis war games. It was interesting to see the weapons of that era. But don't worry, I have nothing to do with the Target retail stores, so your debit card numbers are safe with me.

I work in the technology field. Not so much in the smartphone or cellular world, but in the networking and large data side of the industry. We only touch cellular tech in suppling fiber-fed Internet access to cell towers in my region. I'm from West Virginia, where I grew up and still reside today. I've traveled a little, seen both coasts and tasted big city life of LA. Not for me!
I'm pretty content right now in life, I'm happy being boring family people. We work, follow our teen's sporting teams and go to church. Just your typical American family.

Thanks for all the advice from the everythingiCafe members. You have shared much knowledge with me. I hope my simple comments back have shed a bit of light for others. I do have to question your sanity on why you'd put up with me for being habitually addicted to this site. Can't believe I've posted 1000 times.