Terrible accident


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Feb 28, 2016
Judging by the topic, you would think something bad happened. Well, what happened was that I spilled juice all over the keyboard and then I thought it would be a good idea to lift the laptop up, turn it upside down to pour the juice out.... in doing so the juice got all over the logic board, the fan, and the battery. Fast forward a week, when I took a trip to the Apple Store, the Apple employee informed me that it wasn't good news. It would cost me $799 plus tax to get the machine fixed. Or I could purchase a new MacBook Pro for $1499 (mid 2015) with an upgrade of 8gb. I've had this MBP since I started school in 2014 (by the way, for those that remember my account-I went under the username silvermoon, but have since not been able to recover that account yet). The story continues... if I attempt to put the machine to sleep, the machine doesn't sleep. The fan constantly runs as long as there is power, but I risk further damage to the machine if I power it off. It's a double edged sword, since keeping the machine running could cause the fan to fail eventually and turning off the machine and could also cause a part to fail. To add to the following, it's hard to type on the keyboard since the keys get stuck when pressed down.

So for a temporary solution, I'm looking for a way to at least clean the keys and remove the residue that prevents the keys from being released. As for a long term solution, I'm thinking I might as well get the most life out of this MBP until it's time to purchase a new laptop.

It's not the best news to come back to the forums with, but if anyone can offer suggestions on cleaning, that could help extend some of its life. In better news, I'll be graduating with a Bachelor's in Software Development come June.

In case anyone is wondering, I sold the Windows phone and picked up an iPhone 5S. I just can't leave Apple. It looks like I made the right decision since Microsoft is pulling out of the Windows smartphone market, anyway.

I should be more active and around then.



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Dec 12, 2008
Hey, Silvermoon. Good to see you. Sorry to hear about your MBP. Have you checked the iFixit teardown for your model? It lists step-by-step directions for taking it apart. You can clean the keys when you get to that step. Otherwise, you could take it to a Mac repair shop and have them clean it. Good luck with it.