Tethered Jailbreak for A4 (and below) iOS 5.1 Devices

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Feb 13, 2011
Living with the Tethered jailbreak since it came out....
Had a few initial problems with Activator...fixed after installing an update from Ryan Petrich beta repo...
Gutted IntelliScreenX fails....constant respring:(
About 95% of the the apps I usually run work really well on 5.1....
Between 40-60MB more Ram is showing in SBSettings but I putting this down to the missing 5% of Cydia apps I can't install on 5.1..
Very impressed with "Mobile Substrates" a lot of Cydia apps/tweaks that required a ReBoot now no longer need too....a simple Respring will suffice.
Only one ReBoot required when running PKGbackup to install all my "stuff".

Now days a Tethered jailbreak doesn't deserve such negative press...with the robust Mobile Substrates installed living with a tethered iPhone is easy especially if your iPhone has a stable setup...

Will return to 5.0.1 for my missing 5% (Cydia apps)...you don't realise how much you use it until it's gone:)