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Discussion in 'iPhone Jailbreak' started by Popdevil, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. Popdevil

    Popdevil New Member

    I read through some of the posts and found a post where it tells you the path on the iphone to change the text message sound.

    he file location is /System/Library/Audio/UISounds/..type
    "ls /System/Library/Audio/UISounds/" without the quotes to see all the sound names in there (they are pretty simple for you understand what is what).

    However, the files are of type .caf. You will need to download the free program called Switch. Convert your audio file to type .aiff and then rename the file to songName.caf. Then you can putfile it into the above directory. Hope this helps!

    Is there anyway to get to this patch with out modding your iphone? I have iphonebrowser but it doesn't show that path. Any suggestions?
  2. KNK

    KNK New Member

    Thanks for searching for this info, I had been looking for this. Anyway, the only way to do this is by jailbreaking your phone, no other way but.
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  4. KNK is right, you'll need to jailbreak the phone.

    Additionally, iTunes will convert your audio file, be it mp3, wav, etc. to .aif. Simply open iTunes
    Pull down the edit list from the top
    Select preferences then
    Select the advanced tab
    Select the importing tab
    Select import using AIFF
    Then right click on the audio file and select open with iTunes
    Once the file is in iTunes right click on it and select convert to AIFF
    Delete that file to the recycling bin
    Drag it out of the bin onto your desktop
    rename the file extention from .aif to .caf

    Then you'll need something like iBrikr to transfer the file to the proper directory. That is here: /System/Library/Audio/UISounds/

    The 6 Apple-created SMS sounds are as follows:
    sms-received1.caf = Tri-tone
    sms-received2.caf = Chime
    sms-received3.caf = Glass
    sms-received4.caf = Horn
    sms-received5.caf = Bell
    sms-received6.caf = Electronic

    So you'll want to pick one of these to replace over. For example, if you decide to replace Electronic, you'll want to rename your sound file to: sms-received6.caf and just upload the file to this directory. Then go to Settings-->Sounds-->New Text Message and select your sound file.
    Please note that the SMS name will not change. So if you replaced Electronic with your own custom tone, it will still say "Electronic" in the menu, but will play your custom tone. You'll need to reboot the phone for the change to take place.
  5. kumquats

    kumquats New Member


    i am pretty new to this iphone, how do i jailbreak my iphone and could it damage it in any way?
  6. KNK

    KNK New Member

    Jailbreak will not damage the phone. You can always do a restore to make it original again.

    If your phone is on 1.1.3 forget it. You can't jailbreak yet.

    If you are 1.1.2 or earlier you can follow this HowTo
  7. kumquats

    kumquats New Member

    my phone is 1.1.3 :oops: thanks neway knk
  8. guest0320

    guest0320 Member

    I want to change and/or add many of my own sounds to my phone.
    I have Customize and their sound files. I would like to add my sounds TO Customize.
    Can the the method mentioned above change/add the sounds in Customize?



    Never mind. I found my answer in iBrickr.
  9. jeannie1957

    jeannie1957 New Member

    How can I tell if my iphone is 1.1.2 or 1.1.3? Thanks
  10. cliffeman

    cliffeman Zealot

    Wow...talk about necrothreading... :-|

    What are you trying to do jeannie?
  11. jeannie1957

    jeannie1957 New Member

    Hi AJ, I just purchased an iphone 3G S from Telstra. Obviously, it is locked and I would like to unlock it. I'm planning a trip to the States late July and I want to be able to use the iphone while I am there. I've been reading the other comments and it appears I have to 'jailbreak' my phone before I can unlock it. I am very much a beginner with iphone, I 've always had windows smartphone in the past. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Amigo1342

    Amigo1342 Member

    Well Currently there isn't a "public" jailbreak for the 3gs. It is still currently being worked on by the Development Team.

    Also apple is pushing the 3.1 software even though 3.0 just came out. The 3.1 software is rumored to be unjailbreakable..
  13. cliffeman

    cliffeman Zealot

    As Amigo said, there is no "official" jailbreak out yet. There is an unofficial one released by purplera1n. But i'm still a little skeptical about it since it's not was not released by the Dev Team. (A sort of try at your own risk sort of thing)

    The Dev Team say's Ultrasn0w will unlock the 3GS too. all of this is coming pretty soon.
  14. Daynuhlicious

    Daynuhlicious New Member

    Ok I'll ask here, and if no one replies since this is an old thread, I'll make a new one ...

    I tried to insert a text alert sound as described using iPhoneBrowser ... and now the original sound (I chose the 4th one, the horn) is just a blank.

    Also, I purchased a text alert from the iTunes store ... and I can't freaking figure out how to GET it on the phone to choose as a text sound. It can't be put in the ringtone section, cause that wouldn't get it on as a text alert. Any ideas on why it's a blank and how to get the purchased one on my phone?!

    EDIT: Ok, apparently, you can't change the text alert even from iTunes store purchases (I called Apple) ... so, next question, is there an app on Cydia that can do it?
  15. cliffeman

    cliffeman Zealot

    Have you checked to see if the file you're replacing is labeled correctly? It should be named "sms-received4.caf" (without the quotes).
  16. Daynuhlicious

    Daynuhlicious New Member

    Yes, I even right clicked on the file in the phone, clicked replace, and then chose the file I had renamed to replace it. Rebooted the phone, still nothing. :/
  17. PinkBanana

    PinkBanana Zealot

    I'm having the same problem too....
  18. Europa

    Europa Moderator

    Yes. ToneFXs.

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