That's it! No more apps for me!

Dallas Phil

Jul 4, 2007
That is it for me damnit! No more apps for me until a software update comes out. After my last crash I took off a lot of my apps. Today, I happen to see a recorder app that I thought I just had to have. While I was installing it, yes, another damn crash. I am so tired of crashes I am not even going to sync until a new software update comes out to stablize apps on the iPhone. When I called Apples support to complain I was told again that an update was in the pipeline to stablize the app crashes. Anyway, I was able to do a restore this time around. Remember I forced a backup with just my basic settings which really proved to be the ticket. Just for your info, if you DO get a crash with the white Apple logo appearing, connect your iPhone to your computer and push both the home button and the power off button. When the screen on your iPhone goes black just release the power off button. This puts your iPhone in restore mode and you should see the connect to iTunes logo on your screen. Connect to iTunes and it will restore your iPhone settings. This may take awhile because it restores both your software and firmware. You will then be asked whether you want to restore as a new phone or a backup. Now if your backup restore works like mine, once the backup restore is complete and iTunes recongizes your iPhone, you will again get the basic restore screen appear rather than your nomal sync screen. Don't panic. Just click the restore as a new phone. When you get the screen to sync calendars, contacts, etc just unclick everything, push done, and you will now have your regular sync screen up to resync your music, etc. I have unfortunately become a restore expert! LOL. Hope this helps someone else out there.


New Member
Jul 21, 2008
I've had to restore twice due to some apps as well. However, it's been running w/o issues for the last 2 weeks (really cut back on some of the more indie apps). It's still unacceptable that a cell phone crashes so much though.

Apples also starting to take a tougher stance on the types of apps it approves for the store so hopefully this is just a case of growing pains. There's always downsides to being an early adopter, I guess.


Jul 1, 2007
I've had a few crashes during installs, but then, I'm working on my 9th screen. Once the iPhone has restarted, it will usually finish installing, and that's the end of it. I'm sure the experience is different for everybody, depending on what apps you have, and whether or not your iPhone likes you:p.
It's brand new technology. Things will improve.
Personally, I've never had to restore.
11 apps to go! And then I heard that everything went downhill if you tried to get more.