The Apple's EIC gathering!

The Apple

Aug 2, 2007
Well I decided to make a stream at iRovr for everyone here and there to post blogs/pictures/comments on. If you are not familiar with iRovr, be warned, it is addicting. I encourage users from here and there to go to the other site and check it out! So if you have never checked out iRovr, go sign up and subscribe to the thread I created. It is called "Apple's EIC gathering"

With your iPhone go to and tap register to get started. Once you are registered go back to the main stream and tap on the little picture of the fish and the gear. Choose Find/Create New Streams, then click on people, then click on general, then click on Apple's EIC gathering, finally click on apply to subscribe and I will let you in to post. Posting is easy and fun. I have added iRovr as a contact to my contact list because in order to post you have to e-mail a certain e-mail address from your phone.

For instance if I wanted to post a picture that I just took I would tap on the picture and select Email Photo. Then I would email the photo to the e-mail address that you are given to post in the stream. The main public stream is so if you e-mailed a picture to that e-mail address it would be posted in the main public stream. You can also post blog entries or just a regular post, you tube videos, and links.

If any of you saw O.J.'s thread where he was posting pictures as he was taking them, this would be perfect for that kind of stuff. So sign up and don't leave me hangin! Come blow up my stream and share your thoughts and pictures!:p

Any questions feel free to ask me!
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