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Nov 1, 2010
I am using hotmail as my default e-mail and have some issues with the set up provided in the iPhone as i cannot use FOLDERS and i also have problem with Izymail,though i can see all my folders but no matter how i try they are almost always empty. I need to know the best HOTMAIL application for my iPhone. A program that will allow me use all my folders,download new emails soon as they arrive and allow me reply mails there and then, also enable me follow a link from any new mail.please help. Thanks.

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Mar 14, 2011
Ok, this is what I did to access Hotmail directly and not as a POP3 account. You will be able to move messages to your folders. Only problem I've found is you can't create a new folder from iPhone. Here is what I did:

In Safari Go to:
Select Hotmail icon and login.
Once hotmail open, add to Home Screen. This will create an icon on home screen so you can access hotmail directly.

I'm still searching if there is a away to create new folder. I don't create that many so if I need a new one I will do it from my PC browser.

This is a nice alternative to downloading messages directly to your phone using POP3 and launching Hotmail directly from Home Screen.



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Jun 17, 2010
When you set up your mail account in the iPhone's settings, choose Microsoft exchange. You put in your email address, domain is optional, username I just put my email address again, enter your password, and for name whatever you want to call your email account. Once you do all that it will verify it and it will come up with a screen very similar to the first screen l, but this time it will have a spot for a server. Here you put It works great, you can see all your folders, move emails to different folders, when you delete something it will be deleted right away from your account, you just can't create folders from the iPhone.

If you get confused try goggling hotmail on iPhone. Or you can send me a PM.


Jul 16, 2009
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Let me update my previous post. I've always used mBox for my hotmail accounts and I don't use additional folders. On ios5 adding a hotmail email is just as easy and complete as a yahoo or any other one so I think mBox might have just lost me! So if you still need to add additional folders I recommend mBox but if not then ios5 has you covered for free!