The best iPad 2 Screen Protector?


Nov 28, 2008
Depends what you need, for me, I use two of them.

For anti-glare I use Power Support's HD Anti-Glare.

For just a good protector I use Zagg, which iPhonewarrior linked above. Zagg is easy to put on if you use a lot of the solution they give you. The problems people have stem from not using enough solution. You really have to wet the film really well so that when you put it the iPad it slides around instead of sticks. When you squeegee out the solution it'll start to stick in place.


Jun 23, 2010
Upstate NY
I put a baby blue Otterbox on my iPad. It came with a screen protector (which was easily applied before putting it in the case) and it has been magnificent! My 7 year old grandson uses the iPad when we travel ... sticky fingers and all ... not a mark on it and it cleans up beautifully. You would never know it even has a screen protector on it!
Oct 3, 2009
If you play any games, then make sure you take the protector out of the package and make sure it's not grippy and it lets your fingers slide. The Zagg I had was very grippy and fingers didn't slide well when gaming.
Dec 15, 2008
Pensacola, FL
Zagg Invisible Shield. After messing up my current protector, I went with this and had Best Buy apply it for me. Amazing. And they have a guarantee if bubbles start appearing or it peels up, they will replace it.

Josh Yates

Jul 14, 2007
Orion, MI
I recommend two...if you want an anti-glare protector, go with the Power Support Anti-Glare HD. GREAT protector and worth the price.

If you want great protection and clear as though it's not there, go with the Zagg Invisible Shield HD. Pony up the extra for the HD. The regular Zagg will have an "orange peel" effect that, while not terrible, makes it noticeable. They have done a GREAT job with the HD and it feels like there's nothing on the screen. No orange peel. Not impossible to put on, but difficult. As a previous poster said, be sure to use a TON of solution. If you are nervous about the install, Best Buy will install for $14 and if you buy the shield there as well as have them install, if you don't like how the install turns out, they will open a new one and re-install up to two weeks afterward.

The extra bonus about the Zagg is the fact that it has a lifetime warranty. No matter what happens, even if your iPad breaks and you need to do a warranty replacement for the iPad, Zagg will send you a new one for $3.99 shipping. You just have to send them back the one you take off of the iPad.


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Aug 29, 2012
I need to give something a try before my 3 year old ruins my iPad. That's good to low that best buy can install them, if needed. They are hard sometimes to get right.


Jun 16, 2008
One Horse Town, New Jersey
I use SGP screen protectors on my iPhone and now my iPad also. I put it on without solution. I don't want any liquid getting anywhere near my ports. I also use SGP for the entire

The SGP is very protective and looks like nothing is on my iPhone or my iPad. The iPad one was challenging to get on. You have to be precise, careful and accurate but once it's on you will be very happy. It looks and feels like nothing is there.

One day My iPad was minding it's businesss sitting on my desk at home. I knocked a pair of scissors over and they twirled in the air, end over end until the businesss end of the sharp scissors met the side screen of my iPad. The tip of the scissors hit directly on the glass on the black border and fell down. The scissors are really, illegally sharp and long. If I took them out of the house in my bag, and a cop decided to check me, I think they would be confiscated. Anyway, the scissors would have definitely cracked the screen with no problem. They are extremely sharp, long and heavy. If it weren't for my SGP screen protector absorbing the impact, my screen would have definitely cracked. Instead, there is an indent in the SGP screen protector where the businesss tip of the scissors met the screen save for the SGP protector. After this happened I frantically lifted the SGP screen protector to inspect and saw that the glass of the iPad 3 was fine the only mark was left on the SGP. SGP to the rescue! No orange peel, no rainbow and no liquid to install for me anyway. I stand behind them. They are my go-to screen protector source for all my iDevices.

SGP is getting ready for the iPhone 5 already too, sight unseen!