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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by chris, May 2, 2012.

  1. chris

    chris Administrator

    On my second cup of coffee, with an eye on the 3rd. Thankfully, a trip to Target yesterday has me filled up with Sumatra K-Cups. It's a good morning.
  2. Sharunda

    Sharunda Genius


    I only had one Starbucks Double Shot Espresso. Shoulda brought two with me to work!
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  4. patrickj

    patrickj Genius

    Morning Chris and Sharunda. Man, I used to be a big coffee guy. Now I have maybe one cup of decaf around every two weeks - usually when I take my daughter to Starbucks to feed her Blueberry Scone addiction.

    I drink water and pomegranate green tea now. And honestly I feel great in the mornings - up early taking kiddo to school, taking enormous dog on a long walk - don't really miss caffeine at all.
  5. chris

    chris Administrator

    Somewhere down the line I'm going to have to address my reliance on caffeine. With a 7 month old, that isn't any time soon. I tend to be "less healthy" when I'm not working out. In the last year, I've seen a treadmill once, while at CES. That lasted 10 minutes, long enough so I didn't feel guilty about going to the gym solely for use of the sauna.

    Not to mention, coffee now is expensive. Between my Starbucks gold card getting depleted and Keurig K-Cups, it's an expensive habit. Seriously, my trips to Target each week are about $100. That buys me a few boxes of K-Cups, baby formula and diapers. All that's needed to keep my household running these days.:coffee:
  6. Michael Baturin

    Michael Baturin Evangelist

    I hear ya - I got a Keurig for an engagement party and I am addicted to the Dunkin. Donuts K-Cups - not to mention the stop for a large coffee every morning on the way to work. I'm definitely somewhat of a caffeine addict myself. I happen to be on cup 2 of the morning as well and those 3 remaining K-Cups on my desk are looking mighty good right about now.
  7. patrickj

    patrickj Genius

    Yeah the infant and toddler years are tough. I know that feeling of slipping in the workout routine and reliance on caffeine (and for me a couple rum & cokes at night) back in those days. Now my daughter's 9 and grown up and I've been able to concentrate a lot on trying to get fit again. I get in the workout room 5 days a week again now (couple times with daughter tagging along), get good long walks in with the dog, and play tennis and softball regularly.
  8. Michael Baturin

    Michael Baturin Evangelist

    Nice - i recently have gotten into working out a lot. I'm a bit overweight but really strong from strongman exercises. My focus now is to lose the extra weight (fat). I recently completed Insanity and am just starting P90x - I do these in my living room haha.
  9. Sharunda

    Sharunda Genius

    Caffeine = The Legal Drug.

    I only drink the double shots when I don't get enough sleep the night before. I probably had 5 hours of sleep last night. It's hard to do a 10 hour day on 5 hours of sleep. I really shoulda brought two with me. I'm closing my eyes at my desk right now and then I jerk awake. It's pretty bad. Haven't gotten caught yet though. :p

    I don't even have an excuse. I have no children, I just party with Hubby and we go to bed late. LOL! Well in my defense hubby gets home later than I do from work and we eat a late dinner and catch up on shows and talk. We have too much fun together! Oh and yeah, I try to work out three times a week. If I miss any session I catch up on Saturday. The work out kicks my entire a** but I do it. I hate to miss work outs.
  10. Sharunda

    Sharunda Genius

    P90X Hats Off Brother! Hats off!!

    Never ever ever never will I do that until I complete what I do to near perfection. That P90X is a true A** Kicker!
  11. Michael Baturin

    Michael Baturin Evangelist

    Yeah from what I have heard - Insanity is a bit harder (and it completely lived up to its name - I barely survived). I just purchased Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbells and a pull up bar so I am all set. I am just doing a Dload this week and come Sunday - let the P90x begin!
  12. Chris, didn't know u had a little one as well....
    yes, the sleep depravation and whacked out schedule definately put the kibosh on healthy exercise and upped the need for caffeine.
    I'm calling the excess weight my baby fat!
    I'm up for work at 545 and get Tiberius up with me to give mom a break. We hang out till I leave for work, and by that time I've had 3 cups.
    Then another few at work.....
  13. Sharunda

    Sharunda Genius

    Tiberius! Seriously?!

    WOW! That's an awesome name for a kid! Lucky Lucky Boy!!! With a name like that, he is going to RULE!!

    Is it a family name or you & the wife just liked it, or you just wanted to name your son something Warrior like?
  14. chris

    chris Administrator

    Oh the days of P90x. Which for me was P52X. My wife was pregnant and was not thrilled with me getting in shape at a time when she was pregnant. Getting prepared to move and have the baby, I puttered out at day 52. I loved it and never felt better. My pull up bar is still up in my basement, so I'd definitely like to start up again when I move back home. I need to find time. I had more energy, was eating healthier (was following the menu suggestions). BTW, if I can find the name of the drink I was using, I'll let you know. It's like a better version of what BeachBody tries to sell you and it's much cheaper.
  15. imutter

    imutter Genius

    AHHHHHHHH to late but when I was here (lurking at the forum) you all still slept with fluffy pillows and sweet dreams .......
  16. Bennyboy

    Bennyboy Genius

    ^^^ I totally read wet dreams. you scared me there.
    I'm a morning person, I just can't get up early enough to enjoy that.
  17. Thanks!
    It's actually from Star Trek, middle name of James T Kirk.
    Legend has it Roddenberry never had in fact thought of what the T stood for during the old series run. It was only after the cult following began that after much speculation and prodding Gene finally came up with Tiberius.
    He was a Roman emperor.

    I picked out the name, the wife hated it and said NO WAY!
    Long story short, our 9 month old Tiberius (the heart patient, I started a thread about him a few months ago) is actually named after his brother who passed three days after being born, 18 months ago.
    That birth was early, and Mrs. Snowtrooper did not have time to think, so she just blurted out Tiberius when the nurse asked. Right away she started getting positive comments about the name, so it stuck.

    Tiberius vers.2.0 (T2) has gone a long way to healing our family.....
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  18. TarekElsakka

    TarekElsakka Genius

    Good evening, Chris. lol

    I drink American coffee every morning before I go to university or the NGO on Tuesdays. Unfortunately, though, I have had a streak of bad luck since today and Monday I dropped the coffee on my clothes while on my way to university. I had to go back and change because the stains didn't look pretty!

    I have decided to always carry an extra bag with spare clothes in it, though. :D
  19. imutter

    imutter Genius

    All that talk about little once ... we are moving to smaller house (smaller again AHHH) and I had consolidated pictures and sold the frames but this is one of my favorites ........He is still very mature and advanced for his age. This photo should have given us a clue back then ....
    My son was born Dec. 11th and that picture dated Fed 15th (this is actually a pic of a photograph)
    he is now 11 years old
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  20. Sharunda

    Sharunda Genius

    What a great story! I love Star Trek. James T. Kirk! Sorry for your loss. I never saw this thread. Blessings and {{{Huggs}}} to you and your family. That's a tough thing to go through.

    Your son, Tiberius ver.2.0 (T2) is a blessing and will do you guys proud!

    PS} Besides such an awesome name, he'll have a unique story to tell when he gets older.
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  21. Sharunda

    Sharunda Genius

    Absolutely adorable!
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