The iPhone 4 Picture Thread!

My god that's a nice snap! How did you get that like that!? My macro has been shot since the HDR update :(
I'm not into pictures like that, I'm a shop/tool guy. My wife was taking pictures with her iPhone and I just pulled mine out and shot one for laughs. The picture is taken when the finger is lifted from the button. I just try to hold still, hold my breath on exhale as if shooting a rifle, and gently lift my finger. If it is a picture I really want, I'll take three or four shots. I can look through them to find one that is nice and crisp.
Here is an extreme closeup of a pozidriv bit. This is the fastener type used in IKEA furniture. This bit works much better than a common phillips screwdriver for putting together puzzle furniture.


Jessie scored 3 goals in 10 minutes, weighing about half of his 6-foot peers. He's faster too ;)

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Time to say bye to the Mountain Goats till next year. The mountain is closing.

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The last of the Queen Mary's at Summit Lake. The frost has killed everything else.

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The first fresh dusting of snow over 10,000 feet.

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I've had my belt for a year but I just got my Official Black Belt Certificate. Yes! I can now technically start a Kung Fu school of my own.
THIS SUCKS! Looks like I have an aphid infestation in my garden. Time to break out the spectracide. I just hate to use this stuff because it will most likely kill the beneficial bugs also but the aphids have overrun my plants. I have no other options at this point. RIP good bugs. Collateral damage or casualties of war, I guess. :cry:

iPhone 4 Photos by Motogq, on Flickr