The iPhone 5 Picture Thread


We're less then 24hrs away for the official release of the iPhone 5 so post up those piks taken with the ip5 and let's see how they stack up to the iPhone 4 picture thread I'm interested in seeing the lowlight cabalities.


I've actually seen reviews and tech specs talk about the 'speakers' being different sizes. :rolleyes: Hardly any mention of the three (3) microphones which should be a great improvement.


Lol! I had friends and family who were trying to make calls while the plastic was on and they were complaining that they couldnt hear the person on the other end. Hahahahaha!
My wife did this with the 4 and 4s and she knew the plastic was on cause she was leaving it on till she got a Zagg shield. Should have heard her complain she couldn't hear anyone. The first time with the 4 I had turned around and was headed back to the Apple store till it clicked in. Good laugh both times.


I can't believe I'm still looking at it in the box! I have to figure out how to get stuff off my moms phone 1st, then call Verizon to get it activated... Ughh.
ZR_Yancy how do you take such great photos.
Thanks! I've been doing photography for some time now so experience has taught me well. Lighting is very important and lots of photos of the same scenery or subject in different angles. If you're outdoors, avoid taking photos when the sun is high. Dusk and dawn are the best time if your not using diffused light (sun behind clouds). Try to use ambient lighting and only use flash for filler. Frame your shots using Rule of Thirds method (easiest when enabling grids).