The Mystery of 3GS+Stereo Bluetooth+Car Navi system

Michael Baturin

Jul 11, 2007
South Jersey
Ok, I will try to keep this short and to the point. I recently installed a Kenwood DNX6140 headunit which is one of only a few available now that was manufactured with Apple for iPod/iPhone integration. Two quarks have been happening, one of which I have found a solution for. The first was that when I plugged the iPhone into the sytem, music would play for about 10 seconds then stop, even though the unit still said it was playing. This was a result of the headunit attempting to connect to stereo bluetooth, being successful and thereforee ending my iPod source stream, and sending the signal to the bluetooth source. Easy fix for this is turn off Autosync to Stereo Bluetooth on unit.

Second problem (where I need some help), is that if I am listening to the iPod source, and I try to make an outgoing call ONLY when using Voice commands into the unit, as soon as the call connects, the music I am listening to transfers into the call! :D I contacted Kenwood and they told me they cannot duplicate the problem (even though I gave them a step by step). This only began happening after 3.0 (which I suspect is the culprit). Are there any bluetooth, car head unit savvy people out there who know what might be happeneing. It's not a big deal, but it would be nice to not have to switch sources to make an outgoing call using voice command.


Aug 4, 2008
I've got a Kenwood DNX 8120 and cant say I have any of those problems. Sorry, wish I could help you out