The new iPod shuffle


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Dec 17, 2006
I know that the iPod shuffle is the bottom of the line iPod, but is anyone amazed as I am at the size of the thing? Its tiny! And its 1 GB. Pretty soon the iPod unit is going to be embedded in the earpiece - wouldn't that be cool!

Technology has come a long way since that commodore 64, yes? :)
i've just bought an iPod Shuffle to placate myself until the iPhone rears its head (need at least SOME kind of mp3 player to replace my ageing minidisc player).

sound quality is pretty poor, not particularly clear and quite a lack of bass (not rectified using decent headphones) compared to similar Sony products...

but hey, it's cheap, 1gb and tiny, so for now i'm happy.

roll on the iPhone. i'm assuming it'll be at least as good sound quality-wise as a Nano with it being 8gb?


Jun 10, 2006
Long Island, NY
I still have the old original Shuffle. I didn't use it for the first 8 months or so I had it. I recently started getting back into the gym and it's been awesome. I first started carrying my iPod, but was concerned I'd leave it behind or have it stolen. I just wear the Shuffle and it's so light. I'd be upset if I lost it, but it's much easier cost to digest and it would give me a reason to get the clip Shuffle. I definitely have a new fondness for my Shuffle.:p



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Jan 27, 2007
Mass-uh-CHEW-sitts, USA
The equipment being embedded in to the earpiece sounds like an interesting concept, my only question would be is would they have an attachment for the screen or how do you think that would work?
Personally I think that if that would happen (which would be awesome by the way) it wouldn't have a screen, as none of the shuffles have screens.
My question is how would it would plug into a USB port, unless its wireless, and those would be obese headsets.


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Nov 29, 2007
can u guys tell me where to find those tini-tiny gadgets? thanks kabeyun for those pretty tiny gadgets... still looking for some!