The Official iPhone 3GS Picture thread!

That was one helluva cyst! Glad she's ok now.
Yeah it was 4.2cm by 2.8cm by 3.1 cm. the neurosurgeon said it was about the size of two golf balls stacked up. It was all by chance we found out about it. My mom had noticed that her eyes were moving in circles on their own. You had to feel bad for the poor thing cause she would look at something then rub her eyes to get them to stop. I feel you go through everything for a reason there is always something to learn and I personally learned to appreciate everything and every moment for what it is. I treasure every second I have now!
Ah nice. I was there until about 11:00 this morning and then left for the mall for some air conditioning. The rain was a much needed cool down. Though, the humidity after was stifling.
I live on the East Coast and I'm getting up pretty early to pick up my iPhone 4 at 7AM. I could try and beat both you guys to both threads if the mods allow. Heh :sneaky:
Any of you photo gurus know of any available (good) photo recognition apps for buildings and objects? I have a couple scanner apps (barcode) but I'm looking for one that will pull up info on an object (buildings in particular). :)