Theme preventing me from being able to enter passcode?

Mar 17, 2012
Hey guys, my friend downloaded a theme for winterboard and now the passcode keys are so small and at the corner of the screen so she can't even press those buttons.
So I tried to help but I ran into a few problems:
1. iFunBox doesn't recognize the iPhone for some reason.. Probably 'cause of iTunes.
2. My Computer isn't the default computer of the device.
3. iTunes wont let me do anything because it sais the iPhone is locked with a password.
4. DiskAid wont let me do anything either, it sais I need the passcode.
5. She has no SBSettings/adc2add installed.

The iPhone is an iPhone 4 GSM, running iOS 5.0.1 jailbroken with redsn0w.

I have no backup for the photos, songs or contact list! So I can not restore. I mean, I can but I rather not to


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Dec 12, 2008
This is caused by the installation of an incompatible app/theme. You'll need to do a hard reset first. Press home and power buttons at the same time. Ignore the slide to power off and let go when you see the Apple logo. Put it in safe mode with SBSettings when it boots and then uninstall the incompatible app. If you're still unable to get past the passcode or into the file system with iFile, you'll have to restore. Does she have a backup on her computer?
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