Things iPod Touch Users Can Look Take Advantage Of (thanks to iPhone users)

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Jul 5, 2007
Seems like a good idea for a list to me:

1) Free streaming music from Seeqpod.

2) Web based applications and viewers for them like

3) Increasingly good web based games

4) More and more websites being formated for iPhone like

Thats all i could think of for now, so even though you may not be able to get the third party applications for the Touch just yet, maybe these tips will keep you busy until someone's able to get into that thing. Look at it this way, all us iPhone people had to use these web based goodies before someone made it nice and easy to install third party apps, but the goodies werent as good a few monthes ago.
Sep 16, 2007

as of now using the iPhone loads a mp3 directly form its source, leaving the website behind.

does anybody know if there is a way to view a playlist and playback a song without leaving the list? maybe the guys at seeqpod are working on that already?