iPhone XS things should I do before selling my phone online, to get the most desirable amount


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Mar 6, 2020
Is this the only concern you are having here “sell my phone” because you want to get the most desirable amount?

But, the amount of cash that you will get depends on the model, and condition of the phone.

Make sure to perform a factory reset before selling your phone online. Make sure that you have a spare phone with you before you sell your old phone.

If you’re unable to sell the phone as it is very old, you can still earn money by recycling your phone. The spare parts of the phone can be recovered and used simply in other phones for which there is also a big market.

If you want to get the most desirable amount by selling your smartphone, you need to follow the below guidelines.

• It is best to sell your smartphone within one and a half years because after this period the phone may go out of demand. You can also get great offers while selling online.

• If you can keep the phone in a satisfactory condition, then you can get an amazing price by selling your used smartphone. You can also use a phone cover and a screen guard to avoid scratches and damage to your phone as that can help you to earn good money.

• You can earn more money by selling your used mobile phone if you can sell it directly to the buyer. You can choose a buyer through reputed dealers also, though there is some uncertainty of buyers shifting their minds.