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Discussion in 'iPad' started by laughjimbo, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. laughjimbo

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    I currently have an iPad 2 that I use with a Zagg Folio bluetooth keyboard / case and I love it but my wife is showing interest in my current one but does not want me to buy her a new one.
    I am thinking of getting the iPad 4 because of the retina display, great for what I want to use it for and the added power over the 2 will make it a little more future proof for me. Not worried about the added weight as I use is with the keyboard nearly all the time when at work so that is not a factor for me. But I am also interested in the mini to use as an e-book reader and the usual messages, email and a little web browsing. Also for me I am wanting to use the mini as my satnav with my Tomtom app as i am using my current ipad but it is a little too big and the iphone is a little too small as i use it my my truck. I know that some people are going to say that this is a waste to have 2 ipads but I do feel that the mini fills the gap for me nicely between the iphone and larger ipad and i love my apple products!!
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  2. digitalcuriosity

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    I now have two iPads a iPad2 and a new iPad4 also a few other tablets. I looked at the new mini iPad but after using a 7" tablet I just don't think the mini is what I needed. I think the iPad4 is a great new iPad if one already has the iPad3 I don't see the real need to buy a iPad4 but moving from a 1 or 2 The move is a good thing for the new screen and faster processor. To me the processor is not a big factor, but I am sure people into games will see improvements.
    Keep in mind with the new 4 there is a new power device a 12 Watt over the older 10 Watt, and the new interface lighting plug. But to me it's just a small bump in the wallet for any needed input devices like a memory card reader $29US or an extra USB cord $19US. I also bought a Blue Tooth Keyboard "Logitech" for my iPad2 but really don't use it much but it does work well when needed. as you pointed out some people will say it's a waste to have two iPads, but hey why not.
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  4. laughjimbo

    laughjimbo Member

    Why not indeed. I could get the Mini and if I am not happy then pass it on as a gift to one of my family but I am definitely going to be getting the 4 soon after I have paid a few big bills!!
  5. digitalcuriosity

    digitalcuriosity New Member

    Sure this is a great idea but I bet you will keep it and also get the new iPad4. Man you should see all the stuff I have bought. Wife just has fits tells me I am nuts. Oh well life is short.
  6. Geo

    Geo Member

    For what you sell your iPad 2 for you will have enough for that mini. Who needs two iPads? If one is a mini, OK.

    I waitied till I got into an Apple store to see an iPad mini in my hands.

    I was impressed with the fit and finish of the product and was almost ready to say give me one, but I took a breath and looked at it harder, the screen size, the keyboard size, etc.
    What I really will do with the iPad had to be, I liked it a lot.
    But the full size is more my thing.
    Just my two cents.....until I save them for a mini.
  7. raqball

    raqball Zealot

    Apps made for the iPad / iOS will not work on an Android device or vice versa.

    Many developers make apps for both however they may look differently and have different features.

    Make a list of your favorite iPad / iOS apps then check the Google Play Store to see if there is an Android equivalent..
  8. raqball

    raqball Zealot

    Me personally, I would avoid the Microsoft Surface like it has the plague..

    The Samsung Tablets are okay but the Touchwiz overlay kills them and they are very sluggish.

    If you want an awesome 7" tablet at an awesome price then get the Nexus 7.. It is hands down the best of the best in Android Tablets and can be had for a very nice price!

    $199 for 16GB version or $249 for 32GB version
  9. Fixed it for you, Robert.
  10. You call me "sir" again and we'll have words...:D
  11. iPads are for people who travels a lot. Although Mac is twice the price of an iPad. The latter has limited storage, no memory upgrade nor USB or DVD.
  12. raqball

    raqball Zealot

    All of the newer Mac's are the same way. The RAM is not upgradable and the CD / DVD drives are gone!
  13. raqball

    raqball Zealot

    Please read what I posted....

    The MacBook Air = No optical drive and RAM can't be upgraded
    The MacBook Pro Retina = No optical drive and RAM can't be upgraded
    The iMac = No optical drive and the RAM can't be upgraded

    These are the *newer* that I referred to in my post..

    Moving on now as to not sidetrack the OP thread..

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