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Discussion in 'iPhone Apps and Games' started by silvermoon, Aug 20, 2016.

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    I use AccuWeather to get the current weather in my area. But I've noticed that there is no information on air quality. This is important to me as a person who has allergies. Can anyone give a recommendation for another weather app that has this information built-in to the app and also other information that might not be included in other apps? I'm interested in the most weather information that is available. Unfortunately, the stock weather app does not provide enough information for me.
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    As a weather station operator and enthusiast, I am interested in all things weather. I've probably looked at the majority of iOS app and my favorite is Weather Underground.
    It has Air Quality information including ozone, particulate matter and pollen. I prefer it because it augments the weather agency reports with accurate up to date information from over 180,000 personal weather stations, and supports crowdsourcing of local conditions.

    If you live in an area of high storm activity, the companion app Storm provides more detailed reporting of active cells and severe weather, including lightning.
    Get them both, they are the best in my opinion.
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    I agree WU and Storm are the best. I also add BeWeather 2. It gets it's info from WU. But it's the customization I like. I created a Bama iconset to use. And the widget is nice. But the air quality information is in WU.

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