this or that?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hayesimus, May 13, 2008.

  1. kisstine

    kisstine Zealot

    When it's REALLY hot, both - otherwise, a/c during the day and ceiling fan while we sleep.

    Driven by reason or emotion?
  2. TarHeelsRule

    TarHeelsRule Member

    Emotion, reason doesn't click in until I have made a total ass of myself. LOL

    A day at the ballpark live or sitting home watching the game on the tv?
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  4. Hayesimus

    Hayesimus Guest

    I hate sports. On tv anyways. So at least at the ballpark there are things and people to see. So ballpark...

    Get a root canal or have a wisdom tooth pulled?
  5. mhajec

    mhajec Member

    Root canal, I love the feel of drilling, and the recovery is much faster.

    Shampoo and conditioner or all in one?
  6. kisstine

    kisstine Zealot

    Shampoo and conditioner.

    Get the work done or procrastinate a little more and have some fun?
  7. Hayesimus

    Hayesimus Guest

    Get the work done so you can have fun without a deadline.

    Volcano or dante's peak?
  8. simba33

    simba33 New Member

    dantes peak :)

    google or yahoo?
  9. Skb2000

    Skb2000 Zealot


    Chocolate or Vanilla?
  10. simba33

    simba33 New Member

    someone already asked that but i like both...if i absolutly had to choose id say vanilla because you can mix it with more stuff haha

    superman or batman haha
  11. Skb2000

    Skb2000 Zealot

    My apologies. There are 306 pages of responses and I did not go back to read them. I will crawl back under my rock ;) for this thread and remain a voyeur.
  12. simba33

    simba33 New Member

    haha dont worry about it dude, 306 pages i dont even think the OP read all of the posts in this thread haha. go ahead and play, if you ask something that was asked before we can think of another its no big
  13. mhajec

    mhajec Member

    Batman yo!

    Car or truck person?
  14. computerfox

    computerfox Zealot

    Isnt this thread pretty much just like the question game?

    Rock or jazz?

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  15. Hayesimus

    Hayesimus Guest

    This or that is not the question game. It is one of the most productive threads in the entire off topic sections... My legacy. Lol

    And I like everything but country and I've even liked a few of that genre. But jazz sounds tempting right now...

    Lolspeak or proper English?
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  16. Babyt

    Babyt Zealot


    Jim halpert or Dwight shrout
    [sorry for bad spellings): ]
  17. kisstine

    kisstine Zealot

    Proper English.

    Take risks or stick with what's safe?
  18. mhajec

    mhajec Member

    No risk no reward...

    Coffee or tea?
  19. computerfox

    computerfox Zealot

    Proper english
    Green tea mmmhhhmmm.....

    House or Kutty?
  20. mhajec

    mhajec Member

    House, I like how he carries and presents his arrogance.

    Chicken or fish?
  21. Skb2000

    Skb2000 Zealot


    For hot weather... citrus sangria or berry sangria?

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