throwing physical song file back to the cloud, while leaving it listed on iTunes


Dec 7, 2011
Miami, Florida
I came across a song that had the cloud icon (
cloud icon.jpg
) by it. It seems like Apple wisely chose to throw it up to the cloud, as I hate the song, haven't listened to it in ages and I don't know why I purchased it. Seems I went so far as to buy the whole album--perhaps there was one track on it that was interesting to me at the time. I want to know how to get it (and the whole album) off my hard drive and return it to its cloud status. I just don't want it there right now. I would nonetheless like to have it listed in my Library (with the cloud icon beside it) as opposed to deleting it (because then I may never remember I purchased it in the first place), even though I know that by deleting it I can get it back whenever I want...

Is there a way to tell iTunes to send this crappy song and album back to the cloud, yet leave it on my library with a cloud icon?