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Discussion in 'iPad 3' started by imutter, Dec 27, 2011.

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    Apr 4, 2011
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    I gotten ipad2 on releasedate and I do like it .
    Can't say love it so ( not like my phone).
    I guess the fact that I have a hard time switching. I am so used to mouse and keyboard .
    I should work more on iPad so I do get efficient with the touch screen.
    Anyway I have not followed much of the iPad3 rumors as I am not as much interested.
    I wonder what it will take for me to consider iPad3?
    I probably would consider a more portble device smaller, scratch resistant glass. The battery is great but could always be better and of course it needs to be faster. I need no camera but wish you could pick and choose the pics to go to the cloud and photostream from your phone.
    For me the ipad is an extension to my phone.
    Anyway will you get the ipad3?
    What will it have to have, to make you a customer?
    How about the release date ?
  2. Target

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    Oct 16, 2008
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    I have not been interested in iPads at all. I would tell folks (and myself) that I have an iPhone 4 what do I need one for? Well I got an iPad 2 for Christmas And love it. So to answer your question:

    -I'd like to see retina display, (which is rumored) because the iPad is not as smooth as my iPhone.

    -The ability to have two apps open at once on the same screen view would be awesome.

    -A more durable casing that resists scratches and shocks. I don't like the bulk of protective cases.

    There's my input as a new iPad user.


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    Feb 19, 2011
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    Karen, I know I got one on release day, & I have only used it for Internet cause my computer is slow.. iPhone & iPod too small to really enjoy internet on them! I'm thinking MacBook Air is what u should be getting. The whole Bluetooth keyboard does nothing for me... Rumors are circulating it could be released in Steve Jobs birthday, (February 24). But you know no one knows lol. I think if I get an air, I will sell my iPad 2.

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