Tips for selling iPhone on eBay!


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Jun 18, 2007
Actual Article Here
i took some stuff out and edited it so its more accurate since the original article was written before the iPhone 3g was announced. i did not write this credit goes to gizmondo. if anyone wants to add any more tips go ahead :laugh2:

What to Include

Since most of the auctions are for new iPhones, it's best to have the original box and accessories, This will allow the auction to compete with the new ones, and buyers pay much more for a complete set.
Unlocked = $$$
Even if it might be unauthorized, having an unlocked iPhone will bring much more attention. Used unlocked iPhone auctions usually end above $300for 8GB models and above $400 for 16GB models. So by simply selling a Pwned and unlocked iPhone, a much higher selling price can be expected.
Listing Duration
A week ago when I sold my iPhone, I had originally listed it with a 7-day auction. This was a mistake. 24-hours after my listing was posted, not a single person had looked at it. With over 33 pages of iPhones on eBay, it made sense that no one was going to search all the way to page 33 to see new listings.
So the shorter the listing time the better, and the 1-day listing option was the best. Not only did it put the auction on the 9th page of the search, as opposed to the 33rd, it also provided instant gratification, since it only took 24 hours for the iPhone to sell.
Starting Price/No Reserve
Even if the listing has only 1 day, starting it off at a low amount is smart. By having an auction that starts at $1 with a no-reserve price, it attracts more watchers, and usually brings a higher selling price. Yes, having no reserve could mean that your precious auction item sells for 3 bucks, but it hasn't happened to any of the 8,000 completed iPhone sales on eBay, so why would it happen to yours?
It's also smart to say you'll ship worldwide, especially for unlocked iPhones. Most of the unlocked iPhones that advertise worldwide shipping not only attracted more watchers and brought more money but, surprisingly or not, they also usually ended up selling within the US.
Title & Keywords
The most important part of selling an iPhone on eBay is the title, since it basically attracts the buyer. A good title it will bring more watchers, and using popular keywords is the way to go. Stuff like "No Reserve," "NR," "Unlocked," "Jailbroken," "Any GSM SIM," "Original Box" and "Accessories" are just a few. If the auction ships worldwide, then make sure the title advertises this. In this auction, simply stating "Ship Worldwide" brought in $610 for a used 8GB. The more keywords the better, so it's best to add a subtitle for an extra 50 cents. This allows for a whole extra line which will fit much more of the important keywords. Here's a solid, winning title and subtite:
"UNLOCKED Apple iPhone 8GB Jailbroken Any GSM SIM
Original Box and Accessories SHIPS WORLDWIDE"



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Jun 13, 2007
all good tips..

i didn't unlock my phone, and still got $360 for it.. if you don't want to unlock your phone, put something at the bottom along the lines of "don't pay more for an unlocked phone. Unlocking your iPhone is free and easy! a simple internet search will give you FREE directions of how to easily unlock your iPhone. Why let someone else hack your phone with possibly malicious software, when you can do it yourself FREE, and make sure its done properly"

that line helped me sell my phone

also, if its used, make sure to put "sold as is" at the bottom of the page as well


Mar 8, 2007
Columbus, GA
Thanks for the info. I'm sure it will come in handy to many hoping to unload their first gen iPhones.
Mar 30, 2008
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If anyone here is selling a 16gb iPhone v1, let me know cause you would have guaranteed buyer here :)
-Btw it must be newish looking, if not mint ya kno ;)