# to text to see how many texts you've sent/received?

Discussion in 'AT&T' started by methcat, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. methcat

    methcat New Member

    Hi everyone! I have unlimited texting on my iPhone and I was wondering if there was a number you could text to see how many texts you've sent and received!

    Thanks guys!
  2. domi

    domi New Member

    i dont believe there is a number for that, it would be awesome though. the only way to check your text's that i know of is logging on to your AT&T account online and checking your usage.
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  4. Youngbinks

    Youngbinks Zealot

    You can also use your account information while calling 611 from your phone, but that would be a bit more cumbersome than using the AT&T website I think.
  5. t0ny

    t0ny New Member

    Yes guys there is, dial *3282# to see Data & Text messaging usage.
  6. burniksapwet

    burniksapwet Member

    Is this a free text message? The reason I ask is because ATT usually informs you when your messages are free. Like the one I got for my apple credit, it said "AT&T Free MSG: Here is your apple store credit access code: 123456" The one I got from dialing *3282# was "We're sorry. Requested information is currently unavailable. Please try again later." It never said it was a free message.
  7. domi

    domi New Member

    yes it is a free message. all text messages you receive from AT&T are free. its the same as when you are checking your minutues(*646#) or bill balance(*225)
  8. burniksapwet

    burniksapwet Member

    Did it work for you?
  9. deac

    deac Member

    All of these except Text Messages for some reason also are available under Settings:phone:ATT Services
  10. domi

    domi New Member

    yes it worked for me. :cool:
  11. domi

    domi New Member

    yes, i know they are there, but the Data and Text one doesnt come out there -_-
  12. TAEWING59

    TAEWING59 New Member

    if you have unlimeted text and data... It just says unlimeted for them
  13. that number only tells you how many texts you have left before they start charging.
  14. kenneth

    kenneth Zealot

    yes this happened to me as well.

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